Stride of Pride

It’s not like a walk of shame, you sickos. 😉

Yesterday was the beginning of my unofficial official Marathon training (which I will go over soon, promise!). It was supposed to be a cross training day but it ended up being a run/strength/interval training day with that Barre Bee Fit mock class. I think it was still a great compromise because it used things like jumping rope and mountain climbers as cardio; it definitely got my heart rate up and I was sweating!

Today was the first speed workout that I’ve ever done and I was pretty nervous about it. First of all, I’ve never (read: really, seriously, never) done a speed workout. Also, all the crazy lingo surrounding it confused me at first. Thank goodness for resources like Runner’s World so I can read up on it and find far too many tangents, all from the comfort of my living room and without the shame of something like needing to ask a real live person. Not that I know anything about that….

Anyway, I had a really quick, delicious snack on my way home from work to get a few easily digestible calories in me to prevent hitting a wall at mile 0.5
(clearly I work at a pre-school)

And then I completed this.
Workout: 3 miles with 4×20 second strides

My run was at a 10 min/mile, just to ease myself into it, and my strides went as follows: 8:34, 8:20, 8:00, 7:30. To be honest, I probably could have done 30 second strides but I’m glad I didn’t. My left leg was starting to feel the run by the end. Thankfully, I stretched it, iced it, and foam rolled it and it’s feeling much better.

Then I made myself a quick little dinner:
Sweet potato with a little butter and cinnamon, cucumbers, carrots, and the remnants of my first tub of hummus. All a little random, but it’s what I was craving.

I also prepped my lunch (more on that tomorrow if it turns out delicious) and had a small and satisfying dessert.
Two little handfuls of these really hit the spot! (But let’s be honest, I could probably eat the whole bag.)

Question: How do you feel about speedwork?


One thought on “Stride of Pride

  1. At first I thought you only ate 7 chocolate chips and was going to send you a care package since that just ain’t right!

    Which training plan are you following? You joining any clubs or groups? I had a good laugh at the half mile wall! haha

    My 18 week program starts next week. Speedwork is rough to start, but you get your bang for your buck there.

    Enjoy your day!

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