Barre Recap: aka ballerinas are tough

Good morning everyone! Remarkably, as I sit eating breakfast, my legs have not turned into wet noodles overnight. After yesterday’s double workout, I thought for sure I’d be super sore, but I’m not! Guess I need to push myself harder next time 😉

Breakfast: we’ve had a two day repeat of delicious yogurt bowls
(Chobani, Raisin Bran, sliced strawberries, chia seeds, and cashews. What can I say, I love the stuff!)

Now back to last night! Caitlin, Alanna, and I all had a girl power (emphasis on the power) night when we went to a mock class at Barre Bee Fit. BBF is a barre method studio that offers a ton of different classes based around a ballet barre. My good friend Amanda is also going through the training process to be an instructor there, so she happened to be teaching this class last night. The girls and I all went out to support her, and reap the benefits of that class (aka mock class=FREE!). Oh and I guess that physical fitness thing too.

BBF has several city locations. We happened to be at the River North one, but all of them have this adorable boutique-y vibe that I love. They try to cover up the fact that you’ll be suffering with cute decorations and damask prints.

Now what I’ve noticed is that this place (or maybe it’s just crazy Amanda, who takes classes 5-6 times a week) doesn’t sugar coat the fact that the workout is going to be hard. Amanda kept talking about muscles shaking and how that’s a great sign that your body’s changing and I had no idea what she was talking about (because how could standing at a ballet bar and doing tiny pulses manage that?) but at one point I looked down and my legs were literally uncontrollably shaking back and forth and my quads were on fire and I had that “aha…so that’s what she’s talking about” moment.

Personally, I wasn’t completely unfamiliar with BBF (read: I’ve taken one class a year ago) so I was excited and somewhat knew what I was getting myself into. Alanna and Caitlin, who had never taken it, classified this as “a humbling experience” but both also said they loved it!

I’m the type of person that, when taking a group exercise class, wants to be pushed to the limits of my ability, because that’s not something I do well by myself. Put me on a trail and tell me to run forever and I’m set. Ask me to hold a plank for 10 seconds past when I think my arms are going to fall off? Good luck. This is definitely the type of class that positively motivates you to push through the pain. The super loud music also helps to distract me.

Long story short: I loved it.
And Amanda did a fantastic job too!

(Caitlin, Amanda, Alanna, and I after class. We somehow all managed to be smiling even though we could hardly stand)


4 thoughts on “Barre Recap: aka ballerinas are tough

  1. The muscle shake is the best! Great job toughing through it. Reminds me back when I thought I wanted to join the Army and was on ROTC in College and we all had to hold our rifles out in front of us for as long as possible. Now, I’m not very strong, especially compared to my counterparts, but damn if I was going to drop my arms first! The brain is great at losing yourself in those tough moments!

    I hope you can get to more of the classes! seems like a blast

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