A double workout, what?!

Quick one, because its real late, but I promise you a more depth update on the 2nd workout tomorrow!

AM Workout: 4.2 miles, avg 10 min/miles, on the treadmill. It was pretty torturous but I made it through because I needed to get a good run in.


For whatever reason, the CTA hated me and it took me over an hour to take the bus 4 miles home. (Mind you, I do the reverse commute so there’s hardly ever traffic). I had to wolf down dinner, so it’s not a beautiful picture by any standards.

(Spinach, cukes, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, black beans, and Asian sesame dressing because yummmm)

And I finished it with this the Laughing Cow cheese wedge and the best Triscuit flavor known to man. Try it. You’ll never go back to those plain things again.


PM Workout: barre method class with a couple girlfriends at Barre Bee Fit to support my coworker who’s training to be an instructor!

I’ll have a full recap of that last bit tomorrow but to sum it up now: my legs are jelly.

Question: have you ever taken a bar method class? Any sort of group exercise class? What did you think of it?


4 thoughts on “A double workout, what?!

  1. I’m jealous of your double work out day! Mostly since I was supposed to do a double today, but overslept and only had time for one. But a treadmill run should count for a triple.. they are no fun!

    Your triscuit picture reminded me that I wanted to talk about how I am pretty sure 1/4 of my calories comes from wheat things and pretzels from how much I graze on them every evening!

    I haven’t done a bar work out, but the website makes it look VERY intense! Everyone has on their game face! Last thing I did as a group was yoga a few years ago before I had a kid. I’m excited to hear about how it went!

    1. I am so trying to reduce my Triscuit/pretzel/chips and salsa intake. It’s gotten pretty extreme lately but I can’t help being hooked on them!

      And I’m not usually the two a day type but I really enjoyed it. Maybe some part of me is crazy enough to try it more often.

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