An amazing first

Today marks the first of something I haven’t done in many many years:

I spent more than 15 minutes on an elliptical
Look, here’s proof.


It was pretty incredible that I didn’t die of boredom, but I was determined and it worked!

I did part of this elliptical workout (I just took out the last 20 minutes, I was pushed for time) and on pushing it on my intervals. I was super sweaty by the end! And I topped it off with 5 minute of hell the stairmaster.

Dinner: a compilation of my sisters favorite snacks

I love grazing.

The best way to eat pretzels, ever.

After running a few errands I’m spending the rest of my evening cheering on the team of the hour:


We’re mid 3rd period and tied! I could not leave you at a worse time! (Redwings fans need not reply)


One thought on “An amazing first

  1. Those snyder pretzels are soo addictive! elliptical machines are pretty funny. The more effort you put into it, the sillier you look. But it still is better than nothing! Go blackhawks! (why is it still tied, ugh)

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