Be kind

Living in a giant city like Chicago, sometimes I get a little jaded and forget about things as basic as being nice to others. Now I’m not mean by any standards, I just become very passive sometimes and let little things happen without helping.

Case in point: sitting on the bus this morning, chugging my go go juice coffee, totally not noticing what’s going on around me because I’ve got my headphones on. There was a woman who, I think, didn’t have enough money on her bus pass and was looking for change. (that’s a dreadful situation to be in, by the way) A woman right around my age just gets up and gives the woman money to pay for her bus ride.

Cue: me simultaneously wanting to cry and feeling like an ass. Granted, I wouldn’t have been able to help the woman either way but how ridiculous that something as simple as giving someone $2 seems like a big deal.

Cue: me also getting my phone out to blog about this right away. That woman deserves recognition, even if it is in the form of a random blonde 20-something who talks to herself my blog.

You go girl!

Question: what was the last random act of kindness you saw/did/received?

PS. I promise I’ll talk more running related things later today.



2 thoughts on “Be kind

  1. On the way up my road the other week, my brother and I found a wallet and returned it to the house/person it belonged to 🙂 (which was just a minute up the road). It made me and my bro feel like heroes *blushes* which is a bit silly, but all I kept thinking was what if someone else had found it before us and taken all the money and cards in it? It’s a shame there are people out there who do that 😦

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