Grossly unprepared

Woke up this morning to a rainy day, which means I needed an extra cup of coffee to get through being cooped indoors all day.

Breakfast: Cereal, cashews, and chia seeds. Strong iced coffee.
I’m really into raisins lately. They’re kind of delicious and I feel like I’ve neglected them for most of my life. Unless they’re baked into food. Still can’t stand that. I also feel like the world has kept the greatness of raisin bran from me for far too long.

I also had a few slices of cantaloupe. I bought a whole one the other day and have been snacking on it since. It’s a really underrated melon.

This weekend I’m doing the Soldier Field 10 Miler with my best running friend Caitlin and we’re both kind of dreading it. First of all, it may be raining. Second of all, we’re both coming off injuries (me with my hip flexor and her with her foot) and have seriously undertrained for this. Like, I’ve run 6 miles this month. Total.

This is my first long distance race of the season and I am usually the kind that likes to run very close to race distance in training, but this time around I’ll probably max out at the 5K I ran yesterday. Physically, I think I should be fine but mentally I’m flipping out. Instead of trying to make up miles and kill my legs I’ve come up with a pretty strict plan I’m going to force myself to stick to.

    -Run at a 10:00 min/mile pace for at least the first 5 miles. (I’m going to feel like a snail but it beats ruining my leg).
    -See how I feel at mile 5 and decide if I can pick up the pace there. If not I’ll check in with my body again at the aid station at mile 7 and decide there.
    -Fuel at mile 3 and again at mile 7. I’m actually kind of excited to try this for the first time. And, lucky for me, the gel they’re providing at mile 7 is the same one I was going to bring myself for mile 3, so I’ll be able to keep it consistent throughout the entirety of the race.
    -HYDRATE at every station. I’m starting to realize thirst makes my legs so crampy, and I’ve got enough problems going into this race that I don’t need another.
    -Stretch and ice after. Oh, and drink the Goose Island beer that I get for finishing 😉

We’ll see how this works!

Question: anyone else running the 10 miler this weekend? Coming out to cheer me on? (Kidding) How do you fuel for long races?


5 thoughts on “Grossly unprepared

  1. I’ve never done a 10-miler race, but when I do my long runs I usually pack one Clif gel and take it between mile 4 and 5. The biggest thing that I learned is that whatever you are using to refuel, take it slowly over the course of a mile or so. If you suck down a Gu too fast or pound a handful of shot blocks in one go, you will feel it later on! Good luck with your race!!

    1. That’s a great tip! The only other time I’ve fueled I took it very slowly because it tasted disgusting. Thanks!

      You use clif gels? That’s what I’m testing out this weekend. Any flavor recommendations?

      1. I tend to stick with the fruit flavors (nothing worse than chocolate during the heat in my mind), so I really like the Razz flavor and anything citrus!

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