The saddest day and most worth it dinner

The saddest possible non-serious thing happened today….

And that literally happened as I was about to start my run. It was a real damper on the situation. Of course AT&T was nice enough to provide me with close enough so I bought a new phone.

Then I got really mad and told myself I had to run, even if it was much later than I’d planned.

Workout: 5K avg 9:16 pace. I went easy with this one but I’m surprised how quick my splits were anyway. I felt like I was doing 30 minute miles.
It also occurred to me that I hate the first two miles of almost every run I do. It’s only beginning at mile 3 that I start liking what’s going on. (which is a really roundabout way to say that my first two miles sucked)
I was also a little more dehydrated than usual. Partly because it was wicked humid and partly because I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should lately. Need to remember that goal of mine.

As always, a gorgeous picture of the skyline with some angry looking clouds


And my dinner, because its already 9:45 and I’m not that hungry and my phone got destroyed.

So there.

But hey, at least I ran!
Love, Miss Silver Lining


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