Ohio Recap

I finally have time to tell you about my busy, yet exciting weekend. Friday at noon we drove out of Chicago and made our way to Canton. The plan was to go around downtown Canton Friday, then have a Hall of Fame double feature Saturday. We got into Canton in the early evening and checked into the hotel before heading downtown to do a makeshift art project.

Canton has a lot of public artwork and we wanted to see it, so we created a challenge to find all the sculptures and murals and take a picture with each. The Canton Art Project is born!

We probably looked pretty silly walking around downtown and putting our camera on the ground to take group shots, but it was actually really fun! Here are some of my favorites.

There was a series of animals that were far too adorable. IMG_2392

I insisted on getting a solo picture with Duckie. He and I had a very special bond.

The next day we got up bright and early to head off to the Pro Football Hall of Fame! I was really excited about this one because football is my life.


And how ideal that my BFF Walter was on a gigantic banner out front. It’s like they knew we were coming and wanted to make us happy.

A bunch of the museum is currently under construction (I’d say at least a third of the exhibits were closed) but we still managed to spend over two hours walking through everything.

I loved seeing all the greats, particularly anyone associated with the Bears.

I also loved that they displayed different artifacts that pertained to big moments in NFL history (and current events)
(Walter Payton’s shoes)

And the uniform Devin Hester wore when he broke the NFL record for touchdown returns (which, fyi, was during October so a bunch of his gear was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. Love that fact.)

The most glamorous place in the museum was the display with all the Super Bowl Rings. Talk about bling. I also got to create my own Super Bowl ring.
(Hey, it could happen!)

After the Hall it was time to go straight to Cleveland, where we had lunch…

Coffee… (this place has delicious iced coffee and really friendly staff!)

and Jeff wanted a cupcake.
It was called a Poppin’ Bottles and it was really delicious.

Then we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a while. Good to know: The two halls of fame have a deal where you can buy a joint ticket (Hall Pass) to both places at a discounted rate. You also don’t have to go to both on the same day either. I think they’re valid until the end of the year.

I didn’t manage to get a picture of the outside (blonde woman moment) but I did get a few pictures of my favorite things inside.
He’s my idol.
And the signatures of the band that basically raised me. I love me some Queen.

Being here helped me realize how I need to listen to more rock and blues and several others kinds of genres of music. Time to dust off the old iTunes.

That night I went to the best dinner I have had in all of 2013, and maybe my entire life. I still get a little speechless thinking about the main course because whoa.

We went to Market Garden Brewery. It had such a fantastic vibe and reminded me of some of my favorite brewpubs back in Chicago, except that the menu was more delicious than I could possibly imagine. The head chef and I must be kindred spirits because sriracha, chorizo, and pierogies made multiple appearances and I wanted to order one of everything.

Jeff and I got sriracha BBQ wings to start, and they were soo good. Not too spicy but you could taste the chili flavor.

And I ordered the most fabulous meal of my life. This entree deserves its own post, really, but I will spare you all food related imagery and keep it to just a paragraph (or five).

Chorizo Cheddar Pierogies
This was seriously the best bite of food I could imagine. My worlds collided and I was so happy I couldn’t talk for several minutes. Holy Mackerel. I’m going back every weekend for the rest of my life, probably.

And that pretty much covers the weekend!
Question: How was your weekend? What’s the best meal you’ve eaten this year?


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