I could eat this every day

Prepare yourselves for lots of pictures of food, because I have no pictures of my running to show you, since there has only been walking and stretching. (Although I do need to tell you all about my stretches, I feel like an idiot for not sharing that with you yet and talking about it for days. The suspense must be killing you; I’ll definitely share later)

Last night I had the world’s best homemade salad. Ever. Please don’t argue me on this one.
There was really everything delicious under the sun in this one. Greens, salmon, cucumbers, black beans, avocado, black bean and white corn salsa, and salsa verde.
Isn’t that beautiful? I also figured out that if you get a perfect bite with avocado, salmon, and black beans, choirs of angels start singing. Seriously, try it.

This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, and vanilla mixed in. The banana bit is one of those teacher tricks to get kids to eat more fruit that actually tastes delicious. Note to self, though; must make sure to mash the banana in the peel before adding it to the boiling pot of oats.
For some reason my oats ended up being about twice as large as normal, even though I used the same amount. I liked the extra fluffiness.

I snacked on the other half of the banana while waiting for them to cook. Delish!

How is everyone’s National Women’s Health Week going? I’ve been having a blast making sure I meet my goals. Seriously, it feels great to accomplish little things. Here’s a little update on how I’ve been doing:

  • Be in bed by 9:30 every week night. Been doing great with this one! Monday I was so tired I was actually in bed by 8:45.
  • Take a few minutes each day to write down my to-do listProbably my favorite part so far, my brain has felt much less flustered because of this!
  • Work out my core. Washboard abs, here I come! I’ve tried a new workout that I will tell you about once I’ve tested it more.
  • Eat a vegetable with lunch and dinner, and a fruit at each meal Check!
  • Drink a glass of water when I wake up and when I go to sleep. Didn’t drink one on Sunday night because I literally came home and crawled into bed, but I’ve been good otherwise!
  • Take my vitamin C and calcium every day. Keeping up with these!

Let’s hope the good streak keeps going!

Another important part of Women’s Health (to me, at least) is emotional health. I think it’s so important to have a strong network of friends to rely on! My friends (and particularly my girlfriends) have helped me get through so much of my life, I know I wouldn’t be the same person without them!

In high school I was definitely “one of the guys.” I had a few close girlfriends, but I wasn’t one of the girl power types. Since then I’ve realized the error of my ways importance of having girl and guy friends, reconnected with old friends, joined a sorority, and kept up with many of the people that grew up with me.
(My first year in my sorority. See if you can spot me!)

Anyway, today’s plan is to get dinner with the one friend that has had the pleasure of knowing me since I was 5 years old. Lucky her! I’m considering this my emotional health day!

Question: what’s your circle of friends like? Are you the girl power type? One of the guys? A mix? I’ve got close guy friends and girl friend, but lately I’ve been seeing more of my ladies!

How do you maintain your emotional health? A simple equation of friends, warm weather, laughs, and maybe a fruity drink (dessert always welcome)


3 thoughts on “I could eat this every day

  1. The salad looks wonderful and I’ve never had salmon in a salad! Will have to try or maybe to you accept grubhub payments?

    Nice job with keeping up with Health week!

    And I totally will promote girl power! But I can’t say I have it hah!

    Enjoy the wonderful Chicago weather today!

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