National Women’s Health Week

Good morning everyone! I hope your weekends were all fantastic! I know mine was a series of ups and downs, in all honesty, but Sunday was extremely pleasant!

Mother’s Day is special in more than one way this year, as it is the perfect way to start of National Women’s Health Week. As the name goes, this week is dedicated to promoting women’s health and making sure we maintain the most important part of our lives: ourselves!

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I constantly have tons of things on my plate (work, home, friends, family, and blogging, to name a few) and it’s sometimes hard to remember I need to take care of myself in the process. Things like getting a really great night’s sleep tend to take the back burner to making sure I get everything finished for the day.

That being said, I plan on celebrating Women’s Health Week this week and every week. I’ve got a few things planned for this week (including my first guest blog post!) and I want to start it off by making goals for myself.

I find that staying healthy for me means that I need to set small goals for myself. It’s much easier for me to keep up with small things rather than a huge umbrella goal, like “stay healthy.” (I know, you’re all like “yeah, thanks, duh, but how do I do that?”) Well, I’m going to look at the places that I’ve been slacking and turn those into a priority.

  • Be in bed by 9:30 every week night. A 5:30 wake up call has been really difficult this past week with my later bed times.
  • Take a few minutes each day to write down my to-do list
  • Work out my core.
  • Eat a vegetable with lunch and dinner, and a fruit at each meal
  • Drink a glass of water when I wake up and when I go to sleep.
  • Take my vitamin C and calcium every day.

Many of these are obviously physical health, but they all cover more of my well-being than just that. I know when I’m physically feeling well, I’m emotionally more stable too. I handle stress better when I’ve got a game plan for my day, and when I have my game plan I’m more likely to fit in things like the fruits and veggies I need. Everything connects together in the end, and that’s why I’m making these small, realistic goals to make sure I stay healthy!

What are your goals for yourself? What are you doing to help yourself during Women’s Health Week?

I’ll keep you posted on how my goal setting has gone every day this week, and periodically after! (PS. Be sure to check out the National Women’s Health Week site for more information on staying healthy and events across the country!


One thought on “National Women’s Health Week

  1. those are great goals for everyone! I might steal them too!
    I wasn’t planning on anything special for the week, but its always a good time to get things better in your life! I swear every day I say i need to eat more veggies and sleep longer (10:30 to 4:40 is rough)

    p.s. Stopped by Hamburger Mary’s Saturday!

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