Mother’s Day Recap

Despite the dreary events that brought us together for part of the weekend, I still (as always) had a fantastic time with my family at home!

Spring has mostly sprung in Illinois. The temperatures have been a little lower than my liking for May (50s all weekend) but the flowers have bloomed and all the trees look gorgeous!
photo 2

Before getting to Mother’s Day, I must say that Saturday Julia and I found the Mega Stuf Oreo. We had to get a pack. Said pack may be mostly gone by now. Oops.
photo 4
Blonde hair, don’t care.

Sunday started with helping my mom on a lot of errands. My parents were in the market for a new grill and, since we had planned on barbecue for dinner that night, we kind of had to get one that morning. Now I know where I get that procrastination from.

One of the places we stopped by was Costco, and I got to satisfy my love of trying all the samples they have. And we also found this guy.

Driving around town for several hours made me really antsy, so my sister and I took Heidi on a mini-hike at Half Day Forest Preserve to enjoy the weather.
It was so beautiful out! The sun and clouds looked amazing, and the path was clean and dry. I love how the trail goes in and out of wooded areas; it gives me a nice mix of forest and sunshine so I never got too cold. We did a really easy, slow walk, about a mile, before calling it quits and going home to stuff our faces.
It was a pretty impressive spread for only 4 people and, naturally, I tried it all. There was stuffed chicken, steak, potatoes, grilled romaine which was delish, mushrooms, and eggplant.
I call this “Round One”

Of course we had to have dessert, which in this case was chocolate covered strawberries from Costco (which were soooo good!)
and Greg’s Custard in two flavors.
Seriously, if you live within 50 miles of Mundelein, you have to go to Greg’s. You don’t know custard until you do. Trust me on this one. Also trust me when I say you need to get a Lucky Charms shake when you go there, or a Dusty Road Sundae. (PS Both flavors were amazing. I think I liked mocha better, but pistachio brought back wonderful childhood memories of pudding-making with my dad)

We finished the evening by watching the world premiere of the 7th Harry Potter movie on network television (which, in our house, is kind of a big deal) before going home. Traffic coming back to Chicago was horrible, so I didn’t get back until late and broke my goal of getting in bed by 9:30. But I’ve already got plans go get in even earlier today so that I can catch up. No excuses!

What did you do for Mother’s Day? Have you ever had frozen custard?


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap

  1. I have yet to watch the Harry Potter movies (shh. i know.. i’m bad)
    As for Frozen Custard, you MUST stop by Lickity Split near Broadway and Glenlake in Edgewater. They have amazing frozen custard and mixes. You must do the Crazy Cake – take any cupcake they have, and they blend it into frozen custard… *homer drool noise*. The owner is super nice (Ken), and I’m the mayor on Foursquare! hah

    Mother’s Day was a weekend of shopping and food! Followed by a family nap (even the cat), then Nachos for dinner (my wife’s pick! lol)

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