Buffet lessons

Happy Friday everyone!

This week has been absolutely dragging for me. I’m happy to finally see the weekend!

Last night was a really great one! Once again my school went above and beyond for it’s teachers and hosted a dinner for us as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Right after work I darted down the street to Hamburger Mary’s for food and drinks!

I see this place on my commute everyday and I’ve always wanted to it. Who doesn’t want to try a place that makes their own beer and is painted purple on the outside?

And when your tables are made of bottle caps you know you’ve found a winner.
Food was served buffet style and pretty standard, but delicious.

I learned three valuable lessons eating there…
1) pickle and a little thousand island dressing is my new favorite burger topping combo.
2) use pepper jack cheese in your quesadillas
3) Mary’s makes the best Mac and cheese balls. For real.

That was my entree plate. My appetizer plate had tons of fresh veggies and hummus, which was also fantastic!

I know I said they make their own beer too, but when you put something on the menu that has coconut rum and pineapple in it, I’m going to have to try it. This drink was pretty perfect. The soda in it cut out any heaviness. One of my coworkers tried it and said “can we share?” šŸ™‚

I did try one of their seasonal beers too, and it was really delicious too! Then I realized the error of my ways in leaving my umbrella at home and my sweater at school when I had to wait, in the rain, for my bus home. Bummer.

You probably won’t hear much from me this weekend; my plans for tonight and tomorrow involve a funeral so I will be spending time with family. I do however have some big things planned for next week, as it’s National Women’s Health Week. (it’ll involve a new first for me!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

Questions of the day: what are your weekend plans?
What toppings do you put on your burgers?


One thought on “Buffet lessons

  1. I love Hamburger Mary’s! Its so much fun! Their rec room on the side, and their dance floor upstairs is fun too! Its pretty constant quality and friendly.

    Weekend plans: run! Family time, and Mothers day!
    Burger toppings: I like new toppings if they are offered, just NO MUSHROOMS! But the easy default for me is something with BBQ Sauce!

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