The color of the day

It seems to be orange, judging by my dinner.

I had a serious craving for sweet potatoes and chicken. Yum yum yum.

Ps please excuse the terrible post. Internet is out in my apartment yet again so this is on my phone. Grr.

I made this dinner after I finished my first ever run since the hip flexor strain almost two weeks ago! (Whoa, that’s a long time). It was actually super discouraging, though, because I still felt pain. Not to mention both my legs were super tight. I even had tight shins, which never happens. I only ran one mile, and it took about 10 minutes. Afterwards I did a lot of stretches and my leg felt a little better. I also pinpointed the exact spot where the strain is and am icing it! I hope it feels 100% soon.

A bit of humor: man at Starbucks asked my name today and I told him. He repeated it back to me, but then I got this lovely thing…

I mean…I guess…

Seeing people try to spell my name always cracks me up!


One thought on “The color of the day

  1. hello fellow phone blogger! i do 90% of my blogging on my phone during my commute! then spruce it up on a computer! My wife is my proxy editor and lets me know what i missed! Wait until you get some deep massages on the sore spots! For me, doing down stairs were the hardest thing with my calf strain, I had to use the elevators at the train stop on some days!

    And the name spelling, YIKES! its like they get name vomit brain. I have yet to see my name spelled right in those types of scenarios.

    Enjoy your day!

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