One of my favorite holidays….

..happens to be today! Slash this week, actually. It’s National Teacher Appreciation week, and today’s the official National Appreciation Day! My boss paid for us to have chair massages today and one of my favorite restaurants had a BOGO deal for teachers!!!
photo 1
No one told me they had corn tortillas. I’m really never going to want to leave there anymore ever again.

I’ve got a few more (read: 1,000) pictures from the weekend left to show you and then I promise we can move on to today.

Julia and I went for a walk and then we ended up going to the Lincoln Park Zoo, which we had originally just meant to walk through, but ended up visiting just about all of it. Oops.
photo 1
We were particularly obsessed with the ape exhibit. It’s gorgeous and new and you get so close to everything.

photo 2
Even if that “everything” is chimpanzees kissing. And this girl.
photo 3

My favorite animals were off display that particular day!
photo 1
And it really really made me sad. But I did have an up close and personal encounter with this guy and I totally get what Kristen Bell freaks out about.
photo 4
What. A. Cutie.

Cinco de Mayo was a crazy day that included a little bit too much overindulgence. I did have the pleasure of finding another friend who loved running as much as I did, so I finally got to get all my running talk out without driving my non-running friends wild. And of course I got to spend some time with my good friend Katie!

Injury update: It’s feeling a lot better today, there’s very little pain and the stretches seem to be helping a lot. I think I may try going for a run tomorrow. Really, really easy, of course; hopefully the nice and slow pace will get me back into the swing of things. I’m also really upset my Mileage Counter still says zero.

Question: Do you like going to the zoo? Does your running obsession drive your non-running friends crazy?


One thought on “One of my favorite holidays….

  1. Question: Do you like going to the zoo? I love going to the zoo! I keep trying to think how to incorporate a run through there, but its hard starting in Edgewater. Funny, running there is sometimes faster than the CTA! I love taking my daughter there, but she likes the pigeons as much as the animals.

    Does your running obsession drive your non-running friends crazy? Pretty sure! Its gotten better since i started blogging, my wife gives me quota of running jabber then shuts me off. I try to shut myself off with friends too after a couple minutes! Enjoy the day!

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