An overindulgent weekend

My goodness, is it good to see this site again! Last Friday, this bad boy wasn’t working exactly how it should, and this weekend has been so swamped with plans, get-togethers, and (as the title suggests) a lot of indulgences.

Needless to say, yesterday I focused on getting back into the swing of things/rest/catching up on the million work things that are always left over on Fridays. Of course, that means that I’ve got about 85764030 updates for you while also letting you know about my current day!

First thing’s first though: Go Bulls!
photo 3
Long story short, I’m a Belieber. Shoot, a Bulliever (you weren’t supposed to know about that first one.)

Friday night I let you know that I had a potentially awesome concert situation that was happening which, it turned out we had a fantastic time!
photo 1

Through some happy circumstances me, my sister, and my friend Meg were given VIP tickets to see Calvin Harris! We felt pretty special and it was an incredible experience.
But we had to take selfies because it was too loud to ask anyone to take pictures for us.

Saturday my mom came in for a lunch with an awesome surprise!
She brought Taco, my sister’s dog who is currently taking some time at my parent’s while she is between apartments. We got a bunch of food from restaurants near the apartment and had a picnic in Lincoln Park.
This was the best picture that they would let me take of them, they were too busy eating.
I sat around on the ground. Benches are overrated. Let me remind you what a beautiful day it was.
My meal of choice was the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera. So good!

Somebody else really wanted to get in on my salad action. No way, Jose .

More updates later in the day! I had my breakfast of yogurt and grapefruit (keeping it light today, I’m not super hungry) and it’s off to get ready for work!
I don’t buy regular yogurt much, but sometimes I have a serious craving for the Apple Turnover flavor. It’s so good!

What’s your favorite kind of yogurt?
What did your weekend look like?


4 thoughts on “An overindulgent weekend

  1. Sounds like both a fun and relaxing weekend! Fingers crossed that somehow the Heat have the worst breakdown ever…again!

    I like most yogurts that just have fruit flavor, those yoplait whips are pretty nice! or going back to a non light yogurt is so tasty!

    My weekend was shopping with my ladies, lots of time at the park, and of course, a few runs!

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