Awards night

Today I woke up super exhausted. It was so hard to get out of bed, but I’m glad I’m resting so I didn’t feel too bad about snoozing an extra 15 minutes. It’s definitely going to be a 2 cups of coffee day.

There was an extra special addition to my breakfast sandwich this morning that made it taste phenomenal.
Avos! I’m happy they’re in season because now I have an excuse to eat them all the time, not that I ever really needed one. (Am I the only one that thinks avocado is a great comfort food? It must be the fat content, but I feel so much better eating it…and knowing it could make my hair ultra shiny.) I also must have melted the cheese just right because it was extra pepper jack-y. Jalepenos FTW.

Now we’re all aware of how awesome blogs can be (duh, you’re reading this) but I was incredibly honored and thrilled last night to see that Ani from Miles for Thought nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thank you thank you thank you! I am so happy to see that my blog is having an impact on someone and that I’m not just writing for no one.

Also? You should all check out her blog right about now. She’s in college and so much healthier and motivated than I ever was then. She’s all “tempo runs and home made food” and I was all “can I fuel with beer?”

Anyway, there are a few rules for how the Liebster Award works:

  • Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Answer the 11 questions from my nominator.
  • Nominate the award to 11 bloggers.
  • Write 11 new questions for my nominatees to answer!

1. What is your favorite post on your blog?

I think it has to be this post that went into why I run. I’m still very touched (and get a little emotional) thinking about the impact that running had on the Hoyt family and what it has done for me. And since the Boston bombings I think that my beliefs on this hold even more true.

2. What is your favorite kinds of blogs to read?

The kind with lots of pictures! I’m kidding, but only kind of. I love getting a glimpse into the lives of the bloggers. My favorite blogs are the ones that have elements of running, sarcasm, and transparency. My favorite posts by my favorite bloggers have been the ones that candidly discuss topics that are hard to address (self-esteem issues, personal demons, etc) All of the blogs I read are fitness-focused, and almost all of them are centered around running.

3. Why do you blog?

I blog because I like posting pictures. I blog because I got bored one day in January and thought, “hey, why not?” I blog to hold myself accountable for working out. I blog because I discovered the running blogger community and I desperately wanted to become part of it. I blog because I am obsessed with running and my friends have gotten tired of hearing me talk about it. I blog because working full time and training for a marathon were not enough to fill my spare time. I blog because blogging may be something that I want to make a bigger part of my life. But I mostly blog because running is one of the best things that’s happened in my life and if I can convey that message to at least one person I’m satisfied.

4. What are you most excited about this spring/summer?

There is so much to be excited for that it’s really difficult to pick just one thing! But I think I have to say it’s the Soldier Field 10 miler that’s coming up in a few weeks! (Let’s hope I’m injury free by then) I’m so excited to run with Caitlin in her first long race!

5. What is your favorite song?

I have lots of favorite songs for lots of occasions (I’m really weird about music like that) but let’s say this one is always a favorite.

6. Is there any food you absolutely will not eat? If so, what is it?

You know those fertilized eggs, that are really popular in East Asian cuisine, with the baby chicks inside? Yeah, no way. Ever.

7. Do you have any bad habits?

I’m sure I’ve got tons. I tend to snack when I get home, and then forget about it, and then wonder why I’m so full later on. (Case in point: the 3 handfuls of Cheez-its that I didn’t tell you I ate last night). I also tend to procrastinate with unpleasant things. And I bite my nails sometimes. (ie now)

8. What is your favorite part about yourself?

Way to ask the hard questions Ani. This is a weird one to put into words but the best way to describe it is the growth that I have made is my favorite thing about me. Before I started running, I was very much stuck in a rut and not realizing it. Since I’ve started running, so much about me (physically and otherwise) has changed and I have love almost every minute of it. I’m really proud of myself for it for where I’ve come from and where it’ll take me in the future. That’s my favorite part of me.
That, or my hair.
Just call me Rapunzel

9. What is your favorite restaurant/type of restaurant?

Anything that’s served tapas style to satisfy my urge to try some of everything, and sushi.

10. What is your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt/ice cream?

Is it bad I have a top flavor for each? Favorite fro-yo I’ve ever tried: Mountain blackberry is bomb. Ice Cream: Edy’s Slow Churned Mint Cookie Crunch. It’s like mint chocolate chip and but with Oreos.

11. Where have you lived?

I’ve lived, in order: Chicago, a Chicago suburb called Vernon Hills, another place in Vernon Hills, a dorm in Chicago, back to Vernon Hills, and 4 apartments in Chicago. I think I need to expand my horizons

Now for 11 new nominees! (Is this limited to WordPress only? I don’t care.)

Hungry Running Girl
My Fare Weekend
My Thin Eats
We Wander and Ponder
Fresh Ingredients
Stop Running Dad
Run Eat Repeat
Peanut Butter Fingers
Skinny Runner
Mag Mile Runner

And 11 new questions

  1. What gets you through your toughest moments?
  2. What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve done in the last year?
  3. What one food could you never give up?
  4. If you had one day to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
  5. What’s one goal you have for yourself for 2013?
  6. Do you have any weird habits? Share it if you do!
  7. What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled?
  8. What is your perfect meal?
  9. What’s your favorite kind of shoe? (Running, non-running, it doesn’t matter. I’m a girl so I inherently love shoes)
  10. What’s one song that brings back a vivid memory? (Don’t need to know the memory, just the song.)
  11. What quote describes you best?

Happy Liebster!


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