A title-less post

I can’t for the life of me think of anything to name this post. Clearly I’m not powering on all cylinders today. Bleeeh!

It seems I have a few more answers about my mystery thigh pains, which I guess I haven’t explained quite fully to you as of yet.

About a week ago I started getting a weird pain in my thigh when I started running. I thought it was tightness because it would go away within a quarter mile, but then it started flaring up after I finished my runs too. This past weekend, on my 6.5 miler, I limped about the first half mile or so, and I had to take some ibuprofen to deal with the pain. Random actions like lifting my leg up would hurt too, especially in the morning or if I’ve been sitting a long while. I haven’t run since.

It was time to call the experts:
photo 1

I made an appointment with a physical therapist at Athletico to get a complimentary injury screening. After pulling my leg and prodding every which way, the really nice PT name George told me that it is probably a strain on my hip flexor. She prescribed the usual regiment of ice, rest, and gentle stretching and told me to call her back with a progress report next week. Let’s hope this is successful because I’d rather not think about the possibilities if it’s not. So for the time being I get to put my feet up (boo) and focus on other things, like abs and arms. And my DVR 😉

(FYI: I am not a doctor, nor is George, and my only area of medical expertise deals with boo-boos and scraped knees. Please don’t take this as professional advice and, if you do have some issue of your own, call the experts. If you’d like more information on boo-boos and scraped knees, of course, feel free to email me and I’ll send my best advice. Read: stickers.)

I also received some not-so-hot news from my parents that really put a downer on my down day (between being tired and the hip) so I don’t have too much else to discuss. We can take some time to admire the most amazing quick dinner I had, since I wasn’t about to cook in my frail physical state.

photo 2
It’s probably a scientific fact that Chipotle automatically makes you feel about 25% better, no matter how crummy the day. Fresh sliced avocado boosts things another 15%.

It’s days like these that I’m thankful for my comfy bed, some ice cream, and the relatively free week I’ve had because I’m treating myself to an extra early bedtime today!

What have you treated yourself to today? An extra hour of sleep, and Haagen-Dazs Coconut Macaroon ice cream.


One thought on “A title-less post

  1. Chipotle helps any day feel better!
    When I did PT recently for a calf strain, it was mostly focused on my hips as well. I feel you a bit there.

    My treat today – Pizza with cajun seasoning!

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