My newest favorite sandwich

My Internet is, yet again, not working. I am less than pleased with this whole situation. This has been forced to be a phone post; sorry about the quality. (Thankfully, all my pictures today happened on my phone so this post can happen at all!)

I’ve discovered yet another reason to be thankful for the Subway that is across the street from work:

(For the record, it’s pretty darn spicy)

Workout: another outdoor conditioning workout! We did abs, arms (which killed ALL of us), and some thighs.
I realized my thigh is in a little more pain than I thought, so I needed to take it easy with that. And I will be getting it checked out. It hurts 😦

Dinner was fantastic! I had this tuna in my pantry and was excited to try it in a recipe.

Obviously I have little time during the week for cooking so I put it in a salad with every vegetable I had in my fridge.

(Cucumbers, carrots, tomato, kalamata olives, chia seeds, and avocados-which are sooooo good right now)

Poured on my most recent favorite combo to dress it up:

The tuna was good but a little too sweet for my liking. I think next time I’d just use plain tuna, or cook my own, and let my dressing combo jazz it up.

Ended my night with catching up on New Girl and some Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt (and maybe some M&Ms)

Question: DID YOU WATCH NEW GIRL?!?!? What did you think?


6 thoughts on “My newest favorite sandwich

  1. Anthony Bourdain (SIC?) needs to stop by and try that! Food looks yummy.
    Hopefully a little physical therapy will by the max you’ll need to get back on the track!

    I had lost my internet for like a week a few months back, ended up being a bad modem. Nearly hit the data caps on our phones before it got throttled. Make sure you get compensated for your no internet time!

    1. It’s only been a few minutes at a time that it’s been down, thankfully, but if it keeps up I’m definitely going to have to call my provider. In the mean time, thank goodness for unlimited data 🙂

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