A delayed post, a lunchtime workout, and I love fishes

My internet went out last night just as I was trying to type this post up. Sorry for the delay but I was frustrated so I threw my laptop across the room called it a night and went to bed.

Since I’ve got you, I may as well show you my delcious breakfast!
I stirred peanut butter, a touch of vanilla, and half a smooshed up (that’s a technical term) the banana into my oatmeal. It added a great natural sweetness to it!

(Side note: when you take pictures of food all day, the funniest thoughts seem to cross your mind. Case in point-my thought in seeing the picture today was that I need to buy myself more photogenic bowls)


Just because I can’t run doesn’t mean I can’t keep active, right?! Like I mentioned earlier today, I had some potentially awesome lunch plans that ended up being so much fun!

My coworkers and I decided to spend our lunch hour doing something other than eating (there is such a thing?!) by working out! We went in on purchasing resistance bands and used the outdoor space and gorgeous weather to help get fit!


One of my coworkers is going through a potentially very exciting training process and wanted to practice her presentation with us. I personally loved being the guinea pig to this and was very grateful for her knowledge to help us get a quick sweat session into my day!


We did a bunch of glute and ab exercises. I can already feel my abs are a little sore from it! Those stretches felt fantastic.

I had to hustle after work to meet up with my college friend for dinner. She’s been studying abroad for the last four months and this was her first week back in Chicago! I’ve missed this girl tons!


We went to Fish Bar in the Lakeview neighborhood. Both of us have wanted to try this place out for the last year. The atmosphere here is so unique! It was very small and intimate, but in a casual way. Everyone is seated at a bar (which I love) so it has a very familial feel, and you really pick up on that. The couple sitting next to us asked us if we needed napkins while they were getting theirs. I kind of loved everything about being there. Our waitress was so helpful, and the hostess also gave my friend (who got there first) some tips about what sea food was especially good that day. I also love getting behind any restaurant that’s all about serving their drinks in little mason jars.

(Insider tip: Get the Tea. It’s so good. Or the Jackhammer, and tell me how it tastes. I was very curious.)

It took us both quite some time to make up our mind on what to eat, even though them menu is only a page long!
When you know that all the food is fresh, sustainable, and in limited quantities, it’s really hard to decide what to eat. In these types of situations I try to go for the chef’s pick or whatever is most unique that day. In this particular situation that didn’t help much because there were still about 6 or 7 chef’s picks 🙂 I finally decided on the Rock Shrimp, which the hostess had pointed out as particularly good that day. It was tossed in a sriracha sour cream sauce (that may have been the selling point).
I also got an order of tots, which in my tater tot expertise were especially delicious. Nice and hot and crunchy outside!
The food comes in smaller portions because it’s meant for tasting and sharing with your party. There are jars of utensils and stacks of little tasting plates all over the bar which I think are meant to encourage this, but Ariel and I were both selfish hungry so we chose not to share our food. Which was absolutely delicious. Ariel raved about the salsa on her walleye and I ate every bite of those shrimp! The sauce was flavorful but not too spicy which, in this case, was a good thing. It didn’t overpower the taste of the shrimp, which I really appreciate. And the best part of the smaller portions?

Room for dessert!

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already, wow! This week is flying by. Happy hump day!

Question: Do you like seafood? What’s your least favorite kind of exercise?
Scallops and lobster is where it’s at, sea-riously. (Sorry, lame pun)
Burpees….. those are the bane of my existence


2 thoughts on “A delayed post, a lunchtime workout, and I love fishes

  1. Great photos and good job getting that work out together! My friend who is more of a gym rat set me up with a work out that fits in with my running, fun to have inventive people!
    Question: Do you like seafood? What’s your least favorite kind of exercise?
    Answer: LOVE seafood. Great up in Massachusetts. My favorite place: http://www.lindseysfamilyrestaurant.com/ordereze/default.aspx

    Least favorite exercise? Pull ups. Reminds me how little time I get in on my arms and I feel like gumby

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