Spring is *finally* here

Thank goodness for Mother Nature finally cooperating! Yesterday was the first absolutely beautiful spring day we have had (although the weekend was also really pretty!) and I was just happy to see the sun and warmth. It was a rest day for me, and it will probably stay that way for a few more days, so I have nothing workout related to tell you about. But my class did get to take a field trip to a huge park and it has been quite a while since I’ve seen such happy faces!

They went bananas for all the climbing equipment! My co-teacher and I were really impressed with their abilities. It’s remarkable what two year olds are capable of!

My coworkers and I have some pretty great lunch plans (not food related) that I can’t wait to share with you later! Hint: it’ll hopefully keep me from boredom while I’m resting my leg.

Keep an eye out for pictures later!

Question: What do you like to do on sunny days. Any plans for lunch today?


3 thoughts on “Spring is *finally* here

  1. Which park was it? It makes me excited for when my toddler is a little older and can do this without running to make sure she doesn’t just walk off a ledge!

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