Too legit to quit!

Good morning everyone!
I got some really unexpected, super exciting updates for everyone! While I was checking my email (feel free to send me love notes to I got an email from Chicago Running Bloggers with a few updates. I popped onto their website and look what I saw!!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 8.31.22 AM
EEEK! I’m all legit now. I feel so cool. (I should probably start writing more about running and less about frozen yogurt food.

Or not.

Yesterday I took a rest day, and it was one of my coworker’s birthdays, so naturally we had to celebrate with tons of food. My school is cooler than yours because we have this great tradition of making cupcakes for the birthday girl, and we really outdid ourselves this time. (In all fairness, my coworker is a baking queen who likes to do things like randomly bring in homemade truffles or bake brownies under cupcakes. We really worked hard to impress her.) Some of the women at work made really light and fluffy chocolate cupcakes, and I made peanut butter cream cheese frosting that I found on this cake recipe from my coworker’s Pinterest page. If she pinned it, she’s gotta love it, right???

This frosting is unreal. Like, the most bomb frosting I’ve ever had in my life. I should have known it would be fantastic, since it’s peanut butter and cream cheese, aka two of my favorite foods.

photo 2
The frosting was super thick and I “couldn’t help” putting it on the cupcakes thickly 😉
(Also, I may have put some in a cup and saved it for later. Long hair don’t care, because holy-cow-I-could-frost-my-gym-shoes-with-this-and-eat-it. Am I making it clear that you need to make this for yourself? You won’t regret it.)

Pre-cupcake and frosting extravaganza, we also had lunch at Los Arcos, a great little taco joint in Andersonville that’s our birthday tradition.
photo 1
I had on chicken and one veggie taco. We also split chips and guacamole with the entire table, which they make so deliciously. If I’m not mistaken, they also make their salsas too, and I love the red one.

Now I’m off to tackle my long run, before stopping into work to get some things in order before Katie’s birthday weekend! Busy, busy, busy. Can’t wait for it all!


2 thoughts on “Too legit to quit!

  1. I’m on the entry list there too today! The cupcakes look amazing!
    I was just in Andersonville this morning! Busy day out there! I’ll be following you! (on the blog!)

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