Warming up and a little inspiration

It looks like spring weather is finally descending upon Chicago! Case in point: the weekend forecast.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 6.52.00 AM

I hope it’s here to stay. That right there looks like perfect running weather to me. Exhibit B in the case for spring: my allergies have been going crazy. I’m a sneezing machine, which is no fun but I only consider it a necessary evil to beautiful weather.

Wednesday’s workout: 3.2 miles on the treadmill, 8:57 pace. The workout that I did Tuesday killed my legs in a great way. I was sore from it, which was awesome, but it meant that this run was a giant struggle for me. Took a few breaks, had to take a bathroom break, so it took me approximately forever to complete. I also would have rather run outside, but it was too chilly. In conclusion: blehhh.

Thursday’s workout: 4.2 miles at twilight. I went into this run thinking I’d only do as much as I wanted to do, so I ran laps around the North Pond (which fellow Chicagoans, is a perfect 2/3 mile around and really beautiful). Or, at least, it would be if it wasn’t almost May and there are still NO LEAVES on any of our trees. My complaints about the cold aren’t exaggerated here people. Here are my splits.

Split Distance Pace
1 1.00 8:48
2 1.00 9:17
3 1.00 9:03
4 1.00 8:49
5 0.19 5:58
Total: 4.20 8:58

Not bad, but I wasn’t focused on speed anyway.

2(I call this: the most zen view from the area I stretched. So pretty!)

My most delicious pre-run fuel? Fro-yo, of course. Which, coincidentally, Miles for Thought was also raving about yesterday. There’s something about frozen yogurt that makes people’s day’s better.
Excuse the hair. This is what happens after 9 hours of two year olds.

After my run I whipped up an amazing salad. I’ve been on a real salad kick lately. Something about being able to put whatever you want on some spring mix and call it a meal is great.
There’s tomatoes, carrots, and salmon on this one, if you can see any of that under the Asian Toasted Sesame dressing and Sriracha I emptied on top. I’m officially down to only one bottle of Sriracha in my fridge and a little panicked by it. Must. Have. Chili.

I wanted to share a quick email that one of my student’s parents sent to me the other day. Work has been crazy lately. My school is in a very transitional phase so staff and students alike have been feeling it and trying to adjust (FYI, two year olds and semi-unexpected transitions? Not a good mix.) Needless to say, I’ve been coming home sufficiently exhausted. Then, I got this:
edited screen shot.33 AM copy
Yes, I cried. That little appreciation went a long way in my book.

Happy Friday! What’s on your agenda this weekend?
I’ve got a long run, a stop by work, and my friend Katie’s weekend long birthday celebration to look forward too. Plus a lot of sunshine.


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