Missing Downton

I don’t have a lot to say today since it wasn’t too eventful. There were a lot of delicious meals that happened though!

(Bicep update: they are already starting to get sore. It feels awesome.)

Lunch was made about 10,000% more awesome because of this incredible addition.
(They are totally the best flavor of Chip, but I’m pretty prejudiced to anything involving sriracha or people from near my hometown. Woop!)

Dinner was also fantastic. I’ve had a serious sweet potato craving all day so I made sure that was part of my dish. And I put a salad together with all the great things in my fridge/pantry: tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced turkey, cashews, chia seeds, some bacon bits, and asian sesame dressing.
I’m really particular about my salad to toppings ratio. Every sane person knows that it needs to be rather low, since the stuff that goes on the salad is better than the lettuce you put it on.

And for dessert? Some cookie dough greek yogurt in a mug!
It hit the spot!

Now it’s off to try out the new Masterpiece Classic: Mr. Selfridge. Hopefully it helps satisfy the period piece hole in my heart that’s there since the last season of Downton ended.

Anyone watch Mr. Selfridge? What are your thoughts?


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