Meeting Katie’s Husband

Yesterday ended up being one of those busy-busy-busy days that keep chugging along until bedtime. I was so busy I didn’t even get a chance to update you on my day! (For which I am sorry for any pain and suffering I have caused. Let me know if this applies to you and I’ll send you a lovely card to make things better.)

After a super busy day at work (we opened up three new classrooms at my school. It was a lot of work but ended up pretty well for the first day!) I met up with my friend Katie for dinner at Vines on Clark for a yummy Monday night dinner! It was half off food and wine, which makes everything at least twice as delicious. I know this to be fact.

Katie got a turkey panini and curly fries for us to splitthat I kept stealing off her plate.

Me and my buffalo chicken pizza. I’m already regretting posting this picture of myself, but just focus on the food and we’ll be fine.

We sat outside because it was gorgeous and warm all day, but as soon as the sun left our booth it got chilly. It was worth it though because we got a perfect view of Katie’s husband while we were eating.

Why hello there, handsome!

Question: What’s your favorite pizza topping???
I love veggies, but I always have trouble passing up anything spicy/barbeque chicken-y/buffalo chicken-y. (Vines has all three so I’m usually arguing with my taste buds about ordering all three kinds.)


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