Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Getting to wake up on Sundays is one of my favorite things to do, because I always have time to make myself a delicious, not to-go or quick-and-easy breakfast. But the one big problem with that is, when I try to decide what I want to eat, everything sounds good. It’s awful! My brain just plays the loop of “I want eggs. No, oatmeal. No, pancakes.” over and over and over! I call it my breakfast crisis.

It’s no surprise it happens. Breakfast foods really are the most delicious kinds. Maybe I’ll just eat a different one each meal today.

Once I had made up my mind, I tried out a semi-new recipe to me. At some point, someone I was eating out with had ordered crispy french toast. I literally can’t remember who I was with and where exactly it was, but I remember that the french toast was coated in oatmeal and it sounded really interesting. I decided to try to recreate that recipe as best as I could today (and satisfy my craving for carbs, oatmeal, and eggs all in one!)

French Toast Batter
-Two eggs, whisked
-Splash of soy milk (but any milk will do, that’s just all I had)
-1tsp-ish of vanilla
-Lots of cinnamon

I used old fashioned oats as the coating and bread that my aunt had handmade a few weeks ago that I’ve been refrigerating. (Homemade bread is the bomb.)

My set up. The bread was really dense so I let the pieces soak for a few minutes to absorb all the eggy goodness.

This is slice #1 in the pan. The smell was really good! Eggy, vanilla-y, oat-y delciousness.

They turned out a little toastier than I wanted them to but, but I blame that on my ancient and finicky stove. It goes from blazing fire to matchstick-size flame with nothing really in between.
I topped mine with a little bit of brown sugar and peanut butter. They were so good! Not too sweet and really filling, and the oats were nice and crunchy on the outside. I didn’t have any maple syrup, but I think that would have tasted great on this too instead of the peanut butter. A successful experiment for sure!

Finished off my blueberries and had a cup of coffee too, now I’m ready for the rest of my day!

Do you experience the breakfast crisis?
What’s your favorite breakfast food?

All the time, duh. And if I see something on a menu that involves an egg skillet with chorizo, I’m sold.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast Crisis

  1. Ha ha, that sounds just like me. I normally do that when it comes to dinner, I want grilled veggies and chicken, or fish, or shrimp, or eggs, or a caprese, or brown rice stir fry, etc… and I just can’t make my mind and then I have to resort to what my husband prefers of the options I am saying. I started just making a weekly menu together with my husband and then whatever we put down for that day is what we eat. That way if I crave it I’ll put it down for the next week. It really works.

    1. I’ve started getting into meal planning too, nothing too intense. Dinner’s usually aren’t a problem, it’s just the random breakfast I get all to myself. There’s something about not being in a rush in the morning that makes me want to eat everything!

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