Random running and food

Running in Chicago is awesome.

Workout: 6 miles outside, 54:50, average pace 9:03 min/mile

My splits cracked me up! I ran with the wind at my back for the first 2 miles, then into it the middle two, and it was very obvious in my splits.


After my first mile I tried slowing it down a bit because I wanted to average 9 min/miles, but my body must be trying to tell me that I can push it a little bit because I wasn’t too fatigued at the end. It’s cool to see how much my aerobic fitness has improved since I started running. (I’m seriously kind of impressed I can sustain a 9:03!)

Took this picture a little after mile 2. Fantastic weather!
photo 1
(3 inches of snow on Thursday, 3 hours of snow on Friday, and this on Saturday. For real, Chicago, make up your mind. And by “make up your mind,” I mean stay like this)

I had plans to meet my sister at her work and I procrastinated couldn’t run until it was warm enough to so I had to be strategic with my run route. I had enough time to run 4 miles on the lake, then stop by my apt for my bus pass and run the rest of the 2 miles to meet my sister. She was really excited about how I smelled when I got there 😉

We walked back to my place and stopped for lunch at Jimmy John’s since both of us were starving.
photo 2
I got the Turkey Tom with easy mayo and hot peppers (which, I discovered I love their hot peppers!) It hit the spot!

Showered and hung out in some compression wear for a little bit, now I’m off to babysit for a friend. Can’t wait to see these three little kids; they’re always a blast to hang out with.

A quick snack before I go….
Plain greek yogurt, raspberry preserves, chopped cashews.


Also, one last snowy picture from last night. I swear these will stop. Mostly because, if it snows again in Chicago before November, I’m going to move to Hawaii.


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