Definitely off on the wrong foot today

Have you ever had a day when you wake up, drink a cup of coffee, then sleep for another hour? Yeah, that was me today 😦
But I guess I need to listen to my body, and if my body says no-way-in-heck-are-you-getting-up-on-time-today, then so be it.

How I feel
Not pleased with my morning, nor with all the horrible news that came with it. I think the problem is that I’ve been really unmotivated to run, mostly because I don’t ever really plan my work outs. There is always a rough outline in my head of what I want to do, but it doesn’t go beyond something like this: run for a bit, do some abs. Clearly I’m very detail-oriented. NOT

I think it’s time to be a little more diligent/plan-aheadish/careful about how I work out and what I do. Tonight is going to be spent doing the work out that I slept through this morning, cleaning, and planning some runs and workouts for the next week.

You would think that with a marathon to run in just 5 months I might be a little more worried about staying on a workout schedule. What about the half marathon in 4? Or the 10 miler in 1? Seriously, I need to stop being so relaxed about this sometimes. At least that means that I haven’t completely burned myself out and that I love what I do.

Todays planned run will be easy: 3 miles at a 9:00min/mile pace. Oh and I’ll be working my arms and abs!
Tomorrow: Tackling 6 for the first time in a long time!

See? I did it again. Just a basic outline. Whoops!


2 thoughts on “Definitely off on the wrong foot today

  1. I am the opposite when it comes to planning my workouts. I have them planned out everytday from now until the week after my marathon in October! I have my half-marathon training plan on my blog if you would like a sample outline.

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