TTT: Floods, yogurt, and nail polish

In case you haven’t heard, it’s been raining a little in Chicago recently.
just a little

Pic source

Thankfully (for me), the worst of the rain took place to the west of the city, and my mom told me about some crazy weather up near our hometown. Unfortunately, that means that some western suburbs are literally shut down and in a state of emergency. I hope that they can work through these crazy high flood waters safely. (Also unfortunate for me, a high school in my old district is closed for two days because one of the school’s basements has flooded. I remember snow days, but a rain day would have been a good story to tell)

A quick, mostly cheerful, Three Things Thursday to round things out:

1) Work was chaotic as a result and, because it was thundering and down pouring when I woke up to work out, I had to skip the gym today. No-car-problems :-/

2) A few of my coworkers and I had a nail polish spree yesterday during our lunch. Yes, we’re grown women and we like to have polish parties in our down time.
My coworker/life coach Joanne brought in a bunch of holographic polishes, which I’m not too wild about except that one tan one in the picture.

She went nuts and painted each finger with a different color! Looks like a fabulous shimmery rainbow.

As my life coach, though, she knew I wouldn’t want to use a holographic so she brought another polish especially with me in mind.
She was so right about that.

I’m obsessed.

3) Grabbed frozen yogurt before holing myself into my thank goodness non-ground-floor apartment for the night and sleeping to the sounds of rain!
So colorful and happy. Just what a glum day needs!

Now off to bed to get a good Friday workout in! I need to hit the gym hard since I passed on today!

Interesting tidbit
Road Runner Sports (where I bought my running shoes) is helping out Boston victims by donating money from every pair of shoes they sell today. If you’re in the market to buy new ones, please consider buying from them right now. The proceeds would to towards a great cause.


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