According to my life coach (aka my coworker Joanne) I need to put it into my head that I will go running outside everyday. I guess she’s tired of me complaining about how it’s too cold and spring needs to get here.

I made good on her advice, though, and went for a sunrise run this morning. A) Best decision of the day, and B) I managed to run a 5K PR

Workout: 5K, avg 8:34 pace. Wahoo! (Too bad I didn’t have a bib or a race to be running)

photo 2

My splits went as follows:
7:53 (last 0.2 miles)

I stopped to take a picture when I got to the lake, and a few times to turn/tie shoes/breathe, so I guess this could count as my first speed work? Maybe? I’m just gonna go with it.

photo 1

(Had to instagram this view)


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