Saturday in Milwaukee

I’m still very much in shock over what happened yesterday. I’m deeply saddened by the senseless deaths and I hope, for all involved, that investigators find the answers that friends and families need. I do have to add though that I was so happy to see how many people (trained and not) came to help those in trouble. It was really an inspiring sight.

Workout: No running today, but I did try out Julie’s 30 minute elliptical workout and it was so much fun!

Typically I hate the elliptical and my feet fall asleep, but I was sweating a ton today. Did the first 15 minutes, took a quick break to refill my water bottle, then finished up.

Wanted to fill you in on yet another busy weekend. I seriously get the feeling that I just get up and go-go-go until my head hits the pillow.

Friday night I went back to my parent’s house because we had big plans to go up to Milwaukee to visit my cousin as a little get-together for my aunt’s birthday, which was last week (Happy Birthday Kasia!) Since I was home, that means I have several obligatory animal pictures.


Who knows what he was eating?


After a trip to the doctor Saturday morning to learn I have an upper respiratory infection, my mom, sister, and I drove up to Milwaukee and met up with my extended family. We didn’t get a group picture (next time guys!) but we did set off to eating right away. We ordered in from AJ Bombers which, according to my uncle and their website, had won a bunch of awards for their burgers. We camped out on the floor and tables with our burger boxes and chowed down!


Lots of fries, poutine, sweet potato chips, and cheese curds were also consumed.




The host with the most and his gargantuan burger!


I got the Bomber Burger, which is basically a stuffed mushroom on top of one of their burgers. It was amazing and giant. I hardly ate half, but it was soooo delicious!

We had dessert and had to go our separate ways. I hate how short our hang-out time is sometimes; I love being with the family!

Today, I had some leftovers of that awesome meal:



One of my cousins made homemade coconut cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. She’s so smart for taking the two things that I love most (cream cheese and coconut) and putting them into a cute flower liner. Letting me take 4 back to Illinois with me didn’t hurt either.








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