Baseball Sunday and Mean Girls

I’m not kidding when I said I have too much to fill you in on. Sunday was also crazy busy, from way early in the morning until going to sleep later than usual.

After waking up early my sister and I came back to the city from my parent’s house. We had to hustle because we had tickets to that afternoon’s Cubs game at Wrigley and we needed to pick up our ticket’s from a coworker.

Now, I’m no Cubs fan (go White Sox!) but I love everything about Wrigleyville, and going to Wrigley Field is one of those non-negotiables every summer. It’s close to home, the neighborhood is so busy, and there’s always fun to be had.

Julia and I met up at a local bar to pick up our tickets and mingle with friends beforehand. Clearly, she got mad we were running late and felt the need to throw blows 😉


Kidding. We actually love each other most days (especially once she’s had a mimosa)


The day, which started out kind of chilly, could not have ended up better. The clouds cleared and it turned out to be a cloudless, 70-ish degree day. Perfect baseball weather as we sat smack dab in center field on the outfield bleachers with a spectacular view of the Giants winning against the Cubs.

photo 2

Me, Julia, and Meg. There were a ton more people to the group but they were seated all over the place. Apparently it’s difficult to seat 30+people together in unassigned bleacher seats?


I was really excited about this weather. Seriously. Instagram’d several pictures. Meg made a comment about it being summer weather and then made fun of me because I was way too giddy about it. Eh, I’m easy to please. Just insert sunshine. Or a beer.

photo 4

photo 5

(Have you seen a picture that captures the happiness of baseball games that well??)

The topic came up during the game that my sister does not like Mean Girls and was met with a ton of shock. Who doesn’t love/laugh at/incessantly quote Mean Girls?! Meg and I decided this needed to change so we took the matter into our own hands made Julia run to the DVD store across from dinner and buy a copy of it for us to watch Sunday night.

Also? Dinner was at Cheesie’s Belmont which is conveniently close to Wrigley Field and perfect if a) you have the metabolism of a cheetah, b) you love cheese and bread, or c) you plan on training for a marathon and figure grilled cheese sandwiches are worth a try as fuel. (Two of those apply to me. You figure out which.)


We just can’t contain ourselves. This movie is. The. Best. Period.

So once we finished dinner we went back to my apartment and relaxed the rest of the night away watching the movie and chatting. I was so tired by the end of it, but the day was absolutely worth it and I was delighted to see so many of my friends.

So many friends, so little time
(GIF source)


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