Three things Thursday (belated)

Yesterday’s 3 things were all about good/better/best decisions I’ve made. They also sort of roll over into today as well.

1) Dinner was the same sandwich as yesterday, just half the portion. My lunch left me very full. I also bought some Hershey’s Drops yesterday and had some for dessert. Very good decision.

(Don’t let me fool you. I had much more than the few in my hand)

2) My friend Katie and I have been trying to hang out for weeks but we haven’t been able to coordinate free nights. Yesterday we were supposed to get together for a little wine but, yet again, our to-do lists got the best of us. Last minute we realized we’re both doing the same things at our apartments (laundry and wine) do we created our own virtual girl’s night! Yes, it’s real nerdy, but we needed the girls time. Seriously, don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends(/what I would do if they though things like virtual girl’s nights were weird and not hilarious).

There’s Katie sending her cheers in her über cute wine glass. Naturally I had I send one back.

No, I’m not double fisting red wine. This time. My sister joined in the fun.
This falls under the “better decision” part of last night.

3) Sleeping in, stretching, and taking a break from running yesterday was definitely the best decision. My aches are gone and I had an awesome treadmill incline walk/run that I’ll tell you all about later. I even had time to have breakfast at my second home favorite establishment.

Drink du jour: nonfat latte with one pump of hazelnut, with some overnight oats and a banana I ate right after my workout. And PS: Trader Joe’s mango Greek yogurt is kind of bomb.

Question: best decision you made yesterday? Favorite thing to do with your girlfriends? (Or guy friends, for my male readers)


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