Best Dessert Ever

Yesterday I was MIA because I couldn’t find my darned camera cord! That stupid thing keeps walking away from me and hiding; it’s a terrible game of hide and seek. Grr.

Thankfully I outsmarted it and now I’m painting nails, blogging, and watching trashy trashy reality tv (Real World). Isn’t that color perfect for spring?

Tuesday’s Workout: 4.1 miles on the Treadmill. As usual I ran my negative split.
photo 1

Today’s workout: 5K that I found really boring. It’s clearly time for me to start running outside because I could not shake the boredom of today’s run. I read on my Kindle, I watched TV, and I listened to the music playing. It. Was. Terrible.
photo 2

Today’s post is mostly about the most delicious desserty type thing I’ve ever stolen the idea for made. I’ve had the most terrible frozen yogurt cravings every day for the last week and I’ve been mostly acting on those whims. I can’t help it that one of the 3 (you read that right) frozen yogurt places within a block and a half of my apartment has the most amazing peanut butter and dulce de leche flavors that make me want to cry tears of joy and then go back for fifths seconds. It’s just too good.

Instead I made the wise decision to look on my Pinterest page for dessert ideas and found this recipe for Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt off of Girl Gone Country’s blog. It struck a chord and I had to have it. Today. Instead of yet more frozen yogurt. (PS. This woman can do ridiculous things with peanut butter. Check it out.)

On my way home I had to stop by Trader Joe’s to get some more honey and I remembered that they have this:
I had to have it

That ish really is bananas. I may have made one of the worst mistakes of my life bringing that into the house because it is now an active effort to keep myself from not eating that stuff out of the jar. With my fingers.

I managed to make myself not Speculoos a sandwich for dinner because it sounded good. The secret is to toast the bread on the lightest setting so the outside starts crisping up the teeniest bit, like fresh baked bread.
Carrots and red pepper rounded it out.

Then it was time for the finale:
Don’t get mistaken. There are many chocolate chips in there too and I was heard saying “this is the best thing I’ve ever made” several times in the 0.001 seconds it took to eat it. I felt like Rachel Zoe.
it was everything
Make this. Email Katy. Tell her all about how it changed your life.


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