Shamrock Shuffle Recap

photo 1

Yesterday I ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8K with Caitlin and our friend Kellie. It feels like forever ago already! We had a blast and I am so glad I decided to buy a bib from someone at the last minute. (Truth be told, I had planned on doing this race all along but the registration date snuck by me. My bad! Thankfully I lucked out and was able to do so anyway!)

Caitlin and I were up bright and early and we managed to get down to the race right before the first wave of runners was going to start. That gave us a good half hour before our corral closed and 45 minutes before the start of the race.
(Me on the bus showing off Pete the Cat, a project I’m working on for my students. Mixing business and pleasure like a boss!)

I have to say the Shamrock Shuffle is so well organized. This is the first Bank of America race I’ve done (my next one will be the marathon…eek!) but it’s obvious that they’ve got their races down to a science. There was tons of help everywhere, everything was well laid out and I really appreciated all the signage. It made gear check super easy to find. Caitlin and I also found Kellie quickly, so we dropped off our things and went to find our corral in the second wave of runners.

Of course, standing around in a corral for almost 25 minutes does lead to some boredom, no matter how well-organized everything is. photo 2
(Doesn’t Caitlin look amazing in all her green?!)

Thank goodness for music though, because it gave me an excuse to bust a move look like a fool. Usually I have no real excuse.

photo 3
(Looking gorgeous and green before the start of our race!)

We all ran together for about 2 miles, then speed demon Kellie whipped ahead of us. I stayed with Caitlin until the 2nd aid station (about mile 3.5) and then went off on my own way. We all pushed the pace the entire time, but I was super surprised/pleased/excited to see that I had a pretty sweet negative split.
Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.16.02 PM
(For real, I can run under a 9:00 min/mile? What the what?!)

All of it felt awesome, for the most part. I have a little hip flexor soreness today, which I blame on not stretching it enough after I ran. However, you’d be distracted too if you were given the best combination of post-race fuel ever.
photo 4
(We called it beernanas. I’m trying to make it a thing.)

Everyone of age got a bag of food, two bananas, and a beer ticket to use. Between that and the sun coming out and it warming up to about 70 degrees the three of us ladies were content sitting on the ground by Buckingham Fountain, stretching and chatting while waiting for our ride to get there and take us to brunch!

Overall, such a fantastic day, and a wonderful un-official start to running season! Happy Running, Chicago!


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