Bright Things for a Gloomy Day

What a jam packed weekend I had! So many fun things, but it definitely felt good to get into bed on Sunday night and just sleep. Something tells me I’ll be in bad extra early today too.

I will have tons to update you on later today, once my photos have all been sorted out, but for now all I’ve got is my phone while drink my (2nd) morning coffee. Just a quick few things…

Today is a Gloomy spring day in Chicago. Thankfully I made it to the gym before it started raining but I did see that not everyone was so lucky.

Workout: 1.75 mi run/walk on the treadmill. Wanted an easy cardio just to get the kinks out after yesterday’s race. I also stretched a lot because my hip flexors were surprisingly sore, especially on the left side.
Strength training!

(The goods. Although I didn’t end up using the lighter weight)
3 sets of the following (my reps varied from 10-20, depending on each exercise):
-standing oblique crunches
-hammer curls
-overhead shoulder press
-Russian twists with medicine ball
-chest press with hand weights
-30 second plank
Rest and repeat!

I’ve really got to work on my core more. I’m not very good about that/I love ice cream too much not to work on eliminating love handles. Gotta do whatcha gotta do.

After working out I had the option of rushing to eat to catch the next bus or missing it, getting Starbucks, blogging, and grabbing a later one. Decisions, decisions…ha!

Blonde roast with a pump of hazelnut it is! Side note: I’ve been waiting too long to wear this bird raincoat. Found it on clearance right before winter last year. Love how cheerful it is!

Happy Monday!
What’s one bright thing about your day? Raincoats, Starbucks, rain instead of snow…I’ve got a lot to choose from!


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