Bouncing Around

There’s a bunch of things I want to fill you in on in this post, but none of it is cohesive. Try to follow along as best as you can!

I may have forgotten to mention that I decided, very last minute, to run the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle 8K this weekend.

My bad

As such, my training for it has looked like this:
1) Have stomach flu
2) Eat only rice and gatorade for 4 days
3) 3 days rest and recovery from said stomach flu.
4) Run four miles. Once.
5) Rest two days

Depending on how race day goes, I’m considering writing a book about this training method. I think it’ll be highly successful.

In other news, I’ve got two breakfasts to share!


Picked up some of these from Trader Joe’s on Thursday night. I haven’t seen them or tried them before so I was curious. They’re pretty delicious and not too sweet, and I made the ultimate cereal bowl with them on Friday morning!

(Put a bunch of sliced strawberry, banana, and some chia seeds on top of the cereal. Add some soy milk and it was kind of amazing! Also, saw Tina make that “sandwich” with her banana on an old blog post of hers and realized how genius-and delicious-of an idea it is. I recommend it to everyone.)

Today’s breakfast showcases the best use for an empty jar of peanut butter.
Made some plain oatmeal on the stove and threw it into the jar with a dollop of brown sugar and some cashew and bananas. The key here is to stir it up quickly while it’s hot so all the peanut butter stuck on the sides of the jar gets mixed in and your oatmeal is amazinggggg. It also makes the mourning process of having no more peanut butter a little easier.

While I was eating those oats and catching up on some DVR this Samsung commercial came on and I was hooked by the song! (It also is a pretty sweet ad, song or not). I had to search for that song because it was so catchy, and with lyrics like “run” it would be a perfect addition to my ongoing marathon playlist. Turns out it’s a song called “Run” (who would have thought?!) by Kill It Kid. Here is the link to their Myspace page. I couldn’t find a website. I am absolutely hooked to the song already and may have listened to it like 6 times.

I also celebrated the first almost-60 degree day Thursday with the necessary: Frozen Yogurt!!!!
They had peanut butter and dulce de leche flavored fro yos. Droolworthy

One last thing, I swear. My sister and I watch and discuss a lot of New Girl. Does anyone else watch it? Is anyone else as obsessed with Nick Miller as I am? I love everything about that show, actually, and am obsessed with Zooey Deschanel’s clothing too. Oh, and I made this stark realization too.
PicMonkey Collage
The resemblance is uncanny!

What are your weekend plans? How long is your long run going to be? I’ve got a low key girl’s night planned and the Shuffle tomorrow. Guess the 8K will be my long run!


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