This Is Why I Run

So this is what happens when I peruse Runner’s World at 6:00AM.

I come across all sorts of articles that sound interesting, but the best thing I found today was this video about a father/son running team that will blow your mind.
(Warning: if you are an emotional person you will be crying by the end of this)

I was dumbfounded and oh-so-inspired by the Hoyt family. I just couldn’t believe what kind of dedication it takes to make a running partnership like that so successful, and ow incredible all of their accomplishments were. There were two parts of the video that I found particularly touching. One was that the whole endeavor started with Rick wanting to let another person know that life goes on even with a disability. The other was when he discussed that, when he is running, it feels like there he has no disability anymore. (I mean, seriously, I’m tearing up just writing this.) The fact that they’ve run something like 1,000 races together? Just icing on the cake.

I mean, seriously! Sometimes (like those lazy weeks when all I want to do is eat chocolate eggs) it’s easy to forget that running really is my favorite thing to do. It has the capability to change lives; I know it’s changed mine in so many ways. I don’t think people that aren’t runners can understand this quite so well, because it seems redundant and boring and you get tired and blistered, and sometimes you get injured and have to ice, and wake up early, and sweat, and nobody looks glamorous doing it, no matter what any advertising companies say. (I haven’t even mentioned chaffing yet)

But I read through that and I get that awesome butterflies in your stomach feeling because that’s exactly what running is all about (my fellow runners, don’t you feel the same way?). I want to go through all that gross nonsense because then I come out on the other side stronger, faster, happier, and so much more accomplished. Because the benefits are worth the effort and all that work makes the reward that much better. And, no matter, what your goal is, you know you can always strive for more.

Old picture, but it’s worth so much. That is me (alllll the way on the left) right before finishing the half marathon last year. Like, mile 13.05. I look heinous. Seriously. But the smile I have? The things I felt, both physically and mentally? One of the best moments of my life. And I would do anything to feel that way again. So I run.


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