Back to Business

Guess who’s baaaaaack???


It’s been way too long and I was more than ready to go. At least mentally. My body seemed to have an issue with running after 3 days of Easter leftovers (you’re trying to tell me cheesecake isn’t acceptable running fuel?!). But I refused to listen.

Workout: 4 miles. Ran first 2 miles at 9:52, then one at 9:34, then the last one at 9:09. Negative splits have become my newest obsession/mental training part 1 for October. Besides finishing, my big goal for the marathon is to have a negative split. Lofty, I know, but I feel pretty awesome whenever I do it.

Also, I think I’m officially a gym rat when I have an easier time giving myself a blowout on the standard issue, wall mounted hair dryers there than at home.

See what I mean? (Also, that excitement is due Thing #2 in the list below. Which brings me to….)

Three Things Thursday! I’ve missed it.

1) Got to Skype for the first time in months with my little Ariel yesterday! So what if it took us 4 months to coordinate and she’ll be back in the states next week? Sometimes you need your girls, ya know?

2) My allergies have been crazy the last day and a half which could only mean two things. A) there’s a cat in my purse or B) spring is finally here!!! my deductive reasoning tells me it’s probably not the cat, but you never know.

Exhibit A: look at today’s high!!!
For real, I live and breathe warm weather. It’s a little silly considering I live in Chicago.

3) There’s a gentleman at my gym who I see every so often that I think is awesome. He does box jumps that are 4 feet tall and all sorts of other crazy exercises. I’m really impressed by him. It’s like he sets up his own personal boot camp. Had to share. You go dude!


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