Who’s got two thumbs and gets a stomach bug on the eve of one of the most delicious weekends of the year?!

This Girl

Photo on 3-31-13 at 7.10 PM #2

(And, apparently, when I’m sick in bed for two days I get a heinous center part)

Despite not being able to eat some of my most favorite foods this weekend (my aunt’s turkey, sausages, and our traditional Polish Easter morning breakfast) I still had a jam packed holiday that will merit many posts.

Workout: Friday, nothing. Saturday, I thought I was going to go for a run and went so far as picking up my workout clothes. I then had a dizzy spell and thought better of it. Biggest fail of a work out to date. Sunday, feeling much better. I managed to do a 1.67 mile walk with my sister and later an easy 7 mile bike ride too. 

But it ended up being a run-free weekend 😦
I was particularly peeved since it was 60 degrees every day.

My feeling all weekend.

(I’m obsessed with this cat, and I can’t handle how much this encompasses my day)

Let’s get down to a recap of Friday, though, shall we?

My mom and I were the only ones home that day so we took a quick trip to Mariano’s to load up on Easter weekend supplies. This is seriously one of my favorite grocery stores on the planet.


It reminds me of a Whole Foods type place meets something more affordable like Dominick’s, with lots of free samples everywhere.


I think my favorite part of Friday’s trip is the new spring flowers that they had out yesterday. Tons of arrangements everywhere, including my favorite flower ever: Blue hydrangeas!


(Feel free to send me some, whenever you’d like)

Friday was also filled with lots of hugs from animals.


I miss these nuggets like crazy and am always so happy to see them. We spent about 4 hours cuddling before any business got done.

IMG_1993Even managed to nab a picture with this bad boy, Cooper. I tend to love harassing him. He clearly loves my hugs.

After lots of hugs and shopping, my mom asked me to slave away all night make a couple cheese cakes for the weekend. I happily obliged. I even got to use the world’s cutest food processor to make some graham cracker crusts.


How cute and tiny is that?!

The recipe for the cheese cakes comes from a close family friend/BFF from kindergarten and I would love to share it with you, as soon as I’ve got permission. Keep posted because this thing is seriously to die for.


(Right before going into the oven the last time. Even sick, I managed to be able to stomach a few bites of this over the last few days)


There’s even a raspberry sauce that comes with it which, YUM.

I’ll update you on the rest of the weekend tomorrow. Right now it’s time for one last movie with the fam before we all go our separate ways. Got to love a great weekend with family!

Best thing you ate this weekend? For me it was by far the cheesecake, but the only thing I had to compare it to was white rice, water, and Gatorade.


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