Pretty Good for a Friday

Sometimes I make really great decisions, and then there are times like my run yesterday.

Thursday’s Workout: 3.07 miles, avg 9:00 min/mile. Looks good on paper because it means I can sustain my goal pace for about a 5K. I was also really excited for this one because it was finally warm enough outside to go running!!!! 

photo 1

Seriously, can’t tell you how good it feels not to be stuck watching ESPN and CNN and seeing this gorgeous skyline!

photo 2

(This view, right here, is the reason I decided I wanted to be a runner. Fun fact though: I was so busy taking this picture that I almost got run over by like 3 runners and 2 bikes who were coming right at me. Oops)

Running outside and running on the Lake Shore path were really the two only good parts about this run. Here are the things that I did prior to this 7:15PM run that made it not so hot.

-20 minute power nap right before=real groggy and cold

-Amount of water I drank that day=about 1/2 as much as usual=my lips were dry going into the run=I was clearly very dehydrated

-Last time I had ate that day? 2:30PM. OOPS.

My body was literally running on fumes when I set out and I paid for it dearly. Mile one was okay, mile two was pure torture, and mile three only happened because it would get me to a bathroom and water fountain faster than walking. And I had originally planned on it being a 3.5-4.0 mile run, so when I finally stopped I was still a mile from home.

For real, my greatest decision making did not happen yesterday.

My everything cramped up while I was running, particularly my quads which usually never hurt. Those went really nicely with the side stitches I had the last two miles (another thing I don’t remember experiencing since the very first days of being a runner).

Needless to say, I came home and had about a 3 gallons of water in 10 seconds. I also ate an English muffin with peanut butter faster than I thought possible. And, because waiting for it to toast took too long, I also finished off a container of plain greek yogurt with a little raspberry preserves, blueberries, and cashew pieces mixed in.

photo 3

The whole irony in this entire situation is that you would think I know better. Right now, I’m reading The Marathon Method by Tom Holland and I literally just finished reading the section about how important fueling and hydrating your body are and how you need to make sure you’re not running on empty because you will crash and burn in an achy, stitchy, unhappy mess if you don’t. Or, at least, that’s my interpretation of his text.

Moral of this story is, folks: Don’t do stupid things like thinking you can hammer out a pace run 5 hours after your last meal. It. Won’t. Happen. Today serves as a warning of what will happen if I don’t take this  fun run marathon seriously. I’m not having it.

I’m resting today, as per usual, because it’s supposed to be 57 degrees and sunny (eeek!) tomorrow and I plan on running as much as I can in that gorgeous weather. I’m currently on a train up to my parent’s house in Vernon Hills to spend Easter weekend with family and I can’t be more excited. My work schedule is nutty and this is one of 8 school days in the year that I have entirely off-no students, no in-service, no nothing! I plan on making the most of this relaxation time. I hope to blog a bit more than I have been lately (maybe a daily vs every other day post) but there’s also a chance I may decide staying disconnected is where it’s at. We’ll see. Either way, you can expect oodles of photos of the cutest Berner ever, my run without skyscrapers, and the delicious amounts of food that I plan on making and eating this weekend. Eventually.

For those of you that celebrate, Happy Easter. For those that don’t, do you have any awesome plans for this weekend? For my local readers, who plans on running outside now that spring weather finally seems to be here?

Speaking of spring weather, got this text from my sister yesterday.

photo 4

46 degrees? Turn on the AC! We’re clearly all ready for spring. Oh, and if you think Julia being in my phone as Meatball is a reference to the Jersey Shore… you’re absolutely right. I’m not ashamed!



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