4 Day Week

Loveeee having a shortened week. I spent most of my morning thinking it was Thursday, then getting disappointed it wasn’t, then happy once I realized that since I have no school Friday it still seems like a Thursday!

Workout Tuesday: 4.15 miles, ran mile 1 at a 9:13 and the rest at 8:57. I had to run in the evening so I was about ready to injure fellow gym goers (a line for treadmills?!!) I really do need to stick to my early morning workouts. I can’t stand how crowded the gym is in the afternoons. Ugh.

Workout: decided on an easy, fartlek-ish (that word still makes me giggle) 3 mile run. Skipped around with pace a little, but ended up averaging an also perfect 10 min/mile


The best part of today was that it was Taco Wednesday! Made some soy-rizo fajita style tacos with my sister and we devoured the deliciousness!
(Did we class it up with giant capri sun-like margaritas? Maybe…)
(Onions, rizo, spinach, and peppers in the pan)

(My two stuffed tacos. I like a high filling-to-shell ratio. I topped it off with salsa and a little sour cream. The carrots were mostly there to keep the tacos from sprawling open)

A little funny editing mistake to share. Found this article the other day and couldn’t help noticing how poorly the title matches the image.



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