Fuel for Thought

Dinner: Made a pseudo-blackened salmon in some olive oil, sauteed some asparagus, and threw that on some greens. Also had leftover Greek Pasta Salad. It was pretty delicious. 


Then I finished it off with far too many of these while blogging.

I’m still working on finalizing a marathon training schedule. (I know, it’s pretty ridiculous to think of training for something that’s more than 6 months away, but I’m the type of person that needs to build up confidence. AKA-I’ll probably build in some off weeks)

The one thing that’s really been on my mind these last few weeks is fueling. I feel like I have a pretty good idea about how to train with mileage and rests, from the half that I did last year. I know enough about gear and my personal preferences  (especially after yesterday’s shoe fitting) to be confident in all preparing for that aspect as well.  The one thing I feel like I have no idea about is fuel and how to do that appropriately.

(My experience with fuel? I saw it at an aid station while running my half marathon and thought “sure, why not?” followed by “this goop is disgusting!” followed by “I may as well finish it.” Also, I cried afterwards but was too dehydrated to tear up. I’ve since improved somewhat on my hydration skills.)

Since my worry kicked in, I’ve read up a lot on fuel. Here are a few articles that I found interesting/helpful:

How to Fuel Your Body During a Half-Marathon (A starting point, at least)
How Do I Fuel for an Early Morning Run? (I’ve always been curious about this for when my AM treadmill workouts start getting longer)
How To Stay Hydrated (This is pretty basic but still useful)

One thing that I have noticed about myself is that I tend to start fizzling mile 4.5-5ish on most long runs, so I think what I will do is start testing out fuels to see how they do. (I secretly hope that gummy bears and swedish fish fuel me best. Fingers crossed.)

Question: What are your fuel recommendations? I’m not a fan of Gu but am pretty much willing to try anything.  I’ve heard great things about Shot Bloks so I may start there.


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