Let’s Get Some Shoes

Let’s recap my Sunday, because I would love to relive that day yet again. Talk about a fabulous day! (PS prepare yourself for quite a complete post)

Started my day off with a brunch and museum date with a friend from college. She just got a membership to the Museum of Contemporary Art and wanted to put it to good use. We met at Eduardo’s in the Gold Coast. I got there early so, some obligatory pictures of the menu occurred.

It’s a small place with a small menu but absolutely everything looked delicious (including the cocktails, although I held off on getting one. But it took a lot of control not to get the Bellini AND Bloody Mary)

I decided on the Verde sandwich


And Meg went with the Salsicce.


The sandwiches were huge but I ate just about everything, it was that delish. I needed the energy to get me through the mental exercise of contemplating lots of modern art. Next time I go, I really want to try the potatoes they have. I went with the Field Greens this time.

After perusing the entire MCA and grabbing some Starbucks (because what kind of Sunday would it be without it) I left Meg to meet up with my sister. She was persuaded to agreed to come with me for the most exciting thing I’ve probably done all year. Running shoe fitting.

Per several blog recommendations and a snazzy 90 day guarantee, I decided to go to the Road Runner Sports store that opened not too far from me. I was beyond excited to go and my sister kept telling me to calm down because I looked like a fool.


The process itself was really fun (pressure sensors, running on a treadmill with cameras, seeing your pasty white ankles on a giant computer monitor) and the employee that helped me was really fantastic. Julia also agreed to take lots of photos.

(Talking about my uneven weight distribution and arches)



(Getting custom inserts made for my special feet. Should have thought to get a pedicure before or something)

I have to say it was really neat when he came out with a bunch of shoes and how I would have a different shoe on each foot. It’s incredible how much you feel the difference in how your foot feels within a shoe.

(Paying for my shoes, inserts, and new socks)

The winners actually ended up being the first shoes he had me try on.



My new love: Asics Gel Nimbus 14s! (And yes, I have some pretty fat feet that require a D width)

They’re so pretty. And I knew I had to try them out ASAP.

Dinner was with my sister. We made this Greek Pasta Salad (sans cheese) with a Boca party and some sautĂ©ed green stuff to go with it. The recipe made a ton and I’ll probably be eating it for lunch for weeks.

Today’s workout: got to the gym super quickly so I managed to get quite a distance for a Monday morning.

My avg pace was a 9:14, with a few random 4mph walk breaks thrown in. Felt really really good though, and I had plenty of time left over to take pictures of my cute shoes stretch thoroughly.

I seriously feel like I had the best Sunday ever. (Also, I highly recommend anyone that runs get fitted for shoes. I feel like they made all the difference in my run)

How was your weekend? Anything fun or interesting? Any other Asics wearers out there?


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