Something BIG is Happening Today

I can’t tell you about that just yet, it’s too exciting for me to process. I will, however, give you a quick update on three B’s (breakfast, birthdays, and the Best meal I’ve had all week) before I reveal the big big news.

photo 1

Breakfast was put together in a flash because I have very few groceries, and thus very few options. Pretty straightforward. I’ve been eating a lot of strawberries lately, though, because they were on sale for a dollar(!) earlier this week. Of course this means that a) I had to get several containers, b) they’re probably about to all go bad because why else would they be on sale, and c) I’ve been eating strawberries all day, errday in order to eat them before they do. But seriously, a huge container for a dollar?! That’s practically stealing them.

Best meal I ate, you ask? Well this divine little quinoa concoction that I created Wednesday night.

photo 2

(Pardon the nasty looking bowl, marinara gets messy and phone pics never look good). Made a mini batch of quinoa in the microwave, then mixed it in with some leftover chicken and Prego’s Roasted Garlic and Herb sauce. I haven’t had it before and it’s really good. Super flavorful and herb-y, which I love in a tomato sauce.

photo 1

(Of course, I mixed lots of crushed red pepper into the sauce because I’ll be damned if I eat mild food again).

I also sautéed some asparagus and green beans with garlic and threw that on top. So yummy, and the whole thing took less than 10 minutes.

photo 3

(On the side: salad with cucumber, bell pepper, and balsamic. Does this picture seem like an extreme close up of the food? I’m a little uncomfortable with it)

And on the birthday note, today is my good friend Andrew’s 25th birthday which, if he ever reads this blog, he’ll be happy to see I remembered. 😉

(Please note: he really likes to make fun of how many food pictures I put up so, naturally, I put 4 in his birthday post)

But wait, you’re about to see the most important picture of all! 

photo 2

Today is going to be a big day in my life when this digital cup runneth over with 30 gold stars and I am officially baller Gold status!!!! I’ve only been waiting for this forever. I’m simply overjoyed. I may be crying. Kidding…kind of.

(I am fully aware I have a problem but am not yet ready to fix it)


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