She’s too young for you bro!

“If she only owns Snow White on DVD, she’s too young for you bro!”

(I may be super guilty of watching this right now, but I’m not ashamed.)

Status update!
My health: throat still feels huge and my voice is really raspy
My diet: delicious. My favorite food is coming back in a big way (see below)
My fitness: non-existent. Wah. 😦

I wish I had something as awesome as a great workout to let you all know about, but I don’t. I had a good night’s sleep?

But dinner was delicious!


(Salad with the following: spring mix, baked chicken breast, orange bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, green beans, and balsamic. Yum yum yum.)

Munched on some hummus and baby carrots while prepping that fantastic dinner. Which, why did I ever stop eating so many baby carrots? They’ve got to be one of my favorite, most fantastic snacks and I used to eat a lot (like, 2 packs a week lot). Fell out of that somewhat healthy habit, but I think I’m getting back on that train again.

Have a few pictures that I found on my phone after this weekend. Gotta love those finds!

photo 2

(My sister dancing with her oatmeal before we left the second time. Yeah, we were busy. She was a bomb that day and Dance Dared our friends all day!)


photo 3


(Me and my Kindergarten BFF. Can’t believe we’ve known each other 19 years! Eww)


photo 1


(Corned Beef Reuben Hash from breakfast that day. Holy moly was that stuff bananas. Could eat that every day.)

Right-o, back to intelligent documentaries Jersey Shore. 

Question of the moment: Who saw the new episode of New Girl????????? 

Did you screech as much as I did?



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