I Haven’t Forgotten You…

But I did forget about this post I had all set up. Oops. Here it is anyway, since you’re probably sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what’s happened to me.


These past few days, yet again, have been so busy. (This weekend’s not looking any better.) Got loads to update with you with, so let’s hit the ground running!

Thursday’s Workout: 4 mile run, 2 miles 10:00min/mile, 2 miles 8:57 min/mile. Got to the gym bright and early and managed to finish my run in time to do a set of arm/ab/leg exercises!

-15 reps standing oblique crunch, 10 lbs

-10 reps (each side) lunges, 25 lbs

-10 reps forward facing shoulder press, 5 lbs

-10 reps shoulder press, 5 lbs

-10 reps standing fly, 5 lbs

-10 reps weighted sit ups, 10 lbs

**Do set 3 times**


That set really got me sweating and I liked switching up the moves quickly. Some legs, some abs, some standing, some sitting. Boredom was difficult to come by in this one!

I spent Thursday night eating some delicious, delicious food at this wonderful restaurant called Kiki’s Bistro. It’s a fun little French restaurant that my friend works at and I got to join her in for some wine and fine French dining!


(Mache and frisee salad, with portabella mushrooms, asparagus, tomatoes, and goat cheese. And their pizza special of the day with basil and garlic sausage. Had to have both and took home lots of leftovers.)

Friday’s Workout: Pace 5K at 8:57 pace. I’ve never done a serious pace run, or focused on pace at all really. When I run, I usually just run at a speed that feels comfortable. For my long runs, I’ve noticed that it usually means slightly slower in the beginning and faster in the end (on my half marathon, mile 13 was about 40 seconds faster than mile 1). But recently me and my friend <a href=”myfareweekend.wordpress.com”>Caitlin</a> set ourselves a goal of finishing her first half marathon in under 2 hours, so now I’ve got to start worrying about it. I’m not sure how well this is going to go just yet, but up until this point I haven’t had any serious issues. Well, other than my usual “do I have to?” attitude about reaching new goals. I know, I’m so motivational.

Oh, stretched a ton afterwards. Sometimes I make good decisions.

Have any of you noticed that it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend?? Or that I ran on my usual rest day??? (I’m sure you’ve noted both)


For those of you that are missing out unaware, no one celebrates St. Patrick’s Day quite like Chicagoans. (Except maybe the Bostonians. Or Dubliners.) Either way, my friends and I have big plans for tomorrow. I’ve come to grips with the fact that there will be little blogging or exercising tomorrow. Unless, of course, you count picking my beer up as a bicep curl (I do).

Had to share all the wonderful green things that occurred at school today. I love that I get to be overenthusiastic about every holiday because I’m a teacher. No one does themes quite like a preschool teacher.

photo 1

(My nails! With my first Lynnderella experience as the gold accent. One of my male students spent 15 minutes telling me “I like these. I like your hands. I like your green hands.” Total fashionista in the making. Note also: my green shirt. Love that bad boy from Old Navy.)

photo 2

(Green mint and chocolate chip meringues made by a coworker. I had to try two them.)

 photo 3

(Someone brought their blender to make shamrock shakes. I also had to try that.)


How fabulous! Now I get to spend my evening with a bunch of these:


After the kids I’m babysitting for went to sleep! (This picture=Natalia throws every piece of technology she owns in a bag and hopes it keeps her entertained for the night.)

Tomorrow may be a “pics only” post. We’ll see how much your innocent eyes can handle.



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