Early To Bed

Workout: 4 mile run. 10:00 pace for first half, 8:57 for second half. 

Had a lovely run this morning, but had some soreness in random places.

-IT band in my left leg, my right knee.

I made sure that I stretched that all out really well. I made it to the gym really early (like within 10 minutes of it opening) so I had more than enough time to get a good run in and a good stretching session. My legs will hopefully appreciate me for it tomorrow.

The down side to this great early workout is that I still haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since last week. The up side is that it’s now 9:00 and I’m already about ready to go to bed!

(Another down side? Not wearing running socks because all mine were dirty. Blister city! Booooo) (Sorry, this isn’t one of those glamorous blogs)

Breakfast: so delicious! A reader suggested her Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal in response to my breakfast recipe request and last night I gave it a go. 

I made it last night to reheat the rest of the week(because I’m becoming too lazy to prep a breakfast each night/if previous sleep indicates anything, I’ll need extra zzz’s all week). The recipe was super easy to follow and I love how you basically just throw everything together and bake it.

IMG_1887(The finished product: 4 servings though with extra fruit on the side this probably works for 5 or 6 of mine.)

This made my whole apartment smell like apple pies and Christmas while it was baking: divine! Tried a spoonful while it was warm and then ate more reheated today. It was so good, but I think mine turned out a little too nutmeg-y for my taste. I am an eyeballer when it comes to spices, usually; next time I’ll just ease up a bit. (And, though she’s got a great message about not needing added sugar, I caved and put a little brown sugar on it and it was so yummy.

Consensus: seriously, try this.

My entire evening consisted of this:

(Harry Potter 4 and 5 on ABC Family, in case you can’t see. Nerd alert.)

And this:


Morning Star Black Bean Burger, leftover butternut squash with some brown sugar, sliced red pepper, and sauteed bok choy with lefotver asian slaw and sriracha. It was leftover night and everything sounded delicious.

Mandated bedtime starts now!

Random Question time: 

Last book you read??



3 thoughts on “Early To Bed

    1. I finished The Hobbit recently, and I’m in the middle of reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s so fascinating! (Stephen King books scare me a little, you’re a brave one for reading them!)

      1. I love Stephen King (oops on the v on the first comment!). The film adaptations are so funny too! I know they’re not meant to be funny, but I don’t think his writing can ever be portrayed properly in films. I read the Rats trilogy (James Herbert) the last time I went on holiday (again for the second time round). Now THAT is horror D:

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