Teacher Problems

You know work has taken over your life when you accidentally sing the Kidz Bop lyrics to every song you listen to. One of my favorite workout songs came on today and all I could think of was “we’re kidz bop and we’re taking over!”

Workout: 4 miles, 10:00 min pace

The last two nights have been horrible as far as sleep goes so I just wanted to make sure that I got a decent length run in. I wasn’t looking for speed at all, just completion. It felt good, though, even if it wasn’t anything fancy! I managed to sweat a lot, which always feels great early in the morning!

Yesterday and today both had some wonderful surprises because my little sister (sorority, not real life) and I got in touch twice! First I got her postcard from Brussels:

Photo on 3-10-13 at 9.16 PM(Gorgeous Dali work, no??? Oh and there’s my face too, which sometimes looks like a Salvador Dali original)

And, what’s even better, is she happened to catch me on Facebook! Felt great to chat with her for the first time in months. We both had lots to catch up on.

Breakfast was boring oatmeal, an apple, and a little banana from school so there was no picture (my apologies) but my recent craving for poached eggs left me wanting to perfect the skill. Caitlin told me all the pros add vinegar in their poaching liquid, and since she’s much more of a foodie than I am, I trusted her. Dinner looked a little like this:


(Natalia vs. the poached egg: step 1)

Thankfully, I did not just drink a raw egg and white vinegar for dinner. Because that would be gross.


Believe it or not, this looks much more successful than any other poached egg I’ve attempted. The water got this white foamy stuff on it, which I can only attribute to the addition of vinegar (considering the foam smelled like vinegar, too, I’d say I’m right). Vinegar totally works though, the egg didn’t go spreading around the bottom of the pan nearly as much as usual.


The finished product! Some of the egg whites dripped off because of a slotted spoon deficiency in this household (something which all the experts Google says is necessary for poaching eggs) but it was oh so yummy! I made a Lyonnaise-ish salad with it (it had spring mix, spinach, blanched green beans, crumbled bacon, and a splash each of red wine vinegar and olive oil) and chopped part of a leftover red pepper next to it. Oh and a piece of toast as an afterthought. I like salty poached eggs, so this beautiful creation was dashed with that and pepper soon after the picture was taken.

It was divine, except I wish that there was about 1,000% more yolk, because nothing beats drippy yolks and toast to dip in it. I may currently be drooling after that sentence.

Desperately, desperately need to go running outside again. It warmed up to about a sunny 40 for maybe a few hours today and I was in heaven! It really is absurd how much a little sunshine brightens my mood. Any day now, I swear I’ll bundle up enough to do an outdoor run.

But certainly not tomorrow–yikes!

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 9.53.26 PM


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