Breakfast Recipes

Eating quinoa this morning made me realize that I’ve been a little bored with my breakfast schedule the last couple days. (Aka, I could use something other than cereal or oatmeal).

Found this site on Pinterest as I was typing my morning post and I thought it was noteworthy. My favorite after a glance is the Coconut Rice Pudding with Raspberries. I think I may need to try that this week.Will update you when I do.

No workout today so I get to focus on the delicious food I ate! Dinner was baked salmon and brown rice. Here was the lovely concoction I created before it went into the oven.

 photo 1

(Salmon with a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and half a red pepper. And crushed red pepper because I like just about everything spicy. Seriously)

photo 2


(About 15 minutes later. I overdid it on the salmon a little bit but I’ll make sure it bakes less next time. Nothing a little sriracha couldn’t fix today.)

Finished off with dessert, thanks to the home-baked goodness of one of my cousins.


photo 3(Double chocolate chip cookies. It hit the spot!)

Question: Do you like spicy food? What’s your favorite hot sauce? I’m unreasonably obsessed with it, and SRIRACHA.



2 thoughts on “Breakfast Recipes

  1. I much prefer savory breakfast to something loaded with sugar. My go to is oatmeal with nut butter or greek yogurt with nuts, but I love the occasional veggie-loaded egg white omelette with fresh salsa when I have the time in the morning. If you want a twist on oatmeal, I have a recipe for apple pie baked oatmeal on my blog that is fantastic!! I loooove siracha and also Frank’s hot sauce when I want something with a bit more vinegar.

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