M’s 21st and New Glarus Beer!

Friday: Day of rest. It was glorious! Also went out for Mexican food with my sister but the camera cord has been forgotten at the apartment so those pictures will come to you at a later time. 😦

Saturday: Ran 0.5 miles to gym, avg 8:24 pace because it was raining and I did not want to be outside for that. 

1 mile, 10:00 pace

2.5 miles, 8:57 pace

Total of 4 miles with tons of different paces but I was definitely sweating from all of the changes! Loved being able to run most of a 5K at my new goal pace of 9:00 min/miles. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to actually do that if/when I sign up for another race in the near future. (On a side note, it feels reallllly gooood to be able to run without any leg pain. That injury was mentally draining and I didn’t realize how much it had sidelined my positivity until I was able to run how I wanted to again. To all of you that have suffered through much tougher running injuries, I salute you and your strong wills!)

Went up to my parent’s Saturday because it was my cousin’s birthday, so naturally we had to have a giant family affair complete with lots and lots of food.

photo 1

(He turned 21, so naturally we had to give him an antique stein. Duh)

And because he goes to school in Wisconsin my uncle had to pick up one of my favorite beers from my all-time favorite brewery when he was getting the birthday boy. 

photo 2

(NOM NOM NOM. For those of you unfamiliar with New Glarus, it’s a bitty brewery in Wisconsin who very, very rarely sells their products outside of the state. But, of course, you can get Spotted Cow everywhere when you’re there. I stock up whenever I’m up there because this and the Dancing Man Wheat are so. darn. good.)

****If any of you readers are from Wisconsin email me and I will give you the address to shower me with the gift of New Glarus Beers. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. ****


A few more pictures from last night:

photo 4

(The American cousins. The rest of our family is still in the motherland so we’re left to our own devices here, which last night consisted of card games. Forever stuck at the kid’s table, I guess. )

photo 3

(The most important component in our card games. Total 5th grade flashback and perfect for our inherent competitiveness)

photo 1

(He balls so hard he needed 3 birthday cakes. As the lone boy cousin on the entire mother’s side of my family I think he deserves it. But three cakes also means…)

photo 2

…that I obviously needed to try them all. Chocolate cake on the bottom (the frosting was divine), fruit tart at the top left (you can never go wrong with a fruit tart loaded with my favorite berries), and a greek yogurt pie that ended up being the biggest hit of the night. Totally unexpected and so delicious, I will be buying one of those again one day. (All the baked goods were from Whole Foods)

Today I was planning on using as a rest day but it’s so gloomy out and I’m feeling a little antsy so I may throw that idea in the trash. TBD….

Breakfast: Toast, greek yogurt, and a terribly executed poached egg. 

photo 5

(Despite it being my favorite way to eat eggs, I’m terrible at making them. This was attempt #2. Don’t judge)

I had a serious craving for some Irish Oats, which my parent’s almost always have, but after scouring the kitchen and extensive basement pantry I found everything but oats (including, but not limited to: barley, grits, and two different kinds of creamed wheat). I did also find this giant.

photo 3

(Someone clearly shops at Costco when we have 4lbs tubs of nuts lying around)

Lots more yummy food and some potentially fun plans for the day. Need to get through it. But for now, I’ll leave you with some fun questions.

What was your 21st birthday like? Favorite birthday cake you’ve ever had?

Mine was low key. A few friends at the bar near campus. Favorite cake has to be funfetti or DQ ice cream cakes. A classic!


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